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The best wedding venues Herefordshire & The Cotswolds

Hi! We’re Marta & Artur, wedding photographers based in Hereford, UK which seems to be a sweet spot when it comes to weddings. Why? Because there are lots of incredible wedding venues Herefordshire and the Cotswolds and Mid Wales that are luxury and truly unique. We give you 100 most amazing venues in and around up to 2h drive from Hereford. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to and we hope that you will find our guide useful. Also worth noting… none of the venues has asked us to feature them so there are no paid ads or sponsored links here.


Weddings are a very special event in life. They come with so much expectation and stress, but also with so much joy and happiness. If you’re looking for the perfect venue to celebrate your wedding day, Herefordshire and the areas around are a great place to start.

There are so many various wedding venues to choose from, so it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you and your loved ones. However, we think we can help you here! By following the tips in this guide, we’re sure you will be able to find the perfect spot for your big day.


What type of wedding do we want?

  1. Barn wedding venues – modern & cool and rustic & romantic
  2. Big impressive stately home wedding venues
  3. Unique, unusual and alternative wedding venues
  4. Castle estate wedding venues
  5. Intimate wedding venues
  6. Some cool hotels

What to look for when choosing a wedding venue?

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First off, it is important to consider what type of wedding you want. Do you want a traditional ceremony with a church service followed by a reception? Or do you want something more unique and fun? There are many different options available to suit every bride and groom.

Once you have decided on the type of wedding you would like, it is time to look at specific locations. Herefordshire and the counties around have many beautiful places that can be used for your wedding.


Shustoke Barn wedding ceremony

There are many benefits to having your wedding at a barn, including the following:

  • Barns are beautiful and rustic places to have a wedding.
  • They are often large enough to accommodate a large number of guests, yet intimate enough that you and your guests will feel like family.
  • Barns often have outdoor spaces that can be used for ceremonies or receptions.
  • Barn weddings can be more affordable than weddings at other venues, since they don’t typically require the same level of infrastructure (such as an indoor dance floor or catering kitchen).


  1. The Mill Barns
  2. Hyde House – we love their new modern barn!
  3. Brinsop Court – their new barn is amazing!
  4. Bredenbury Court Barns
  5. Blackwell Grange


  1. Lower House Farm
  2. Lyde Court
  3. The Haybarn
  4. Cripps Barn
  5. Lyde Arundel
  6. Barns and Yard
  7. Curradine Barns
  8. Shustoke Farm Barns
  9. The Tythe Barn
  10. The Great Tythe Barn
  11. Lapstone Barn
  12. The Barn at Upcote
  13. Grendon Court Barn
  14. Redbank Barn
  15. Kingscote Barn
  16. Mickleton Hills Farm
  17. Redhouse Barn
  18. Norton Grounds
  19. The Dragons Gate
  20. Merriscourt
  21. Winkworth Farm
  22. The Barn at Brynich
  23. Caswell House
  24. Aldwick Estate
  25. Dillington Estate
  26. Lains Barn


Not a big fan of barn weddings? No problem! A stately home offers a number of advantages that can make your wedding day truly special and memorable.

  • First, a stately home provides an elegant and prestigious setting for your wedding. Guests will feel impressed by the beauty of the property and will appreciate all the effort you put into planning your special day.
  • Second, stately homes often come with large ballrooms that can accommodate up to 300 guests. This means you won’t have to worry about running out of space during your reception or having to rearrange tables or chairs mid-ceremony. 
  • Many stately homes also offer stunning views that can be enjoyed from their grounds.

In our time doing weddings at stately home wedding venues Herefordshire and in the Cotswolds, one of our favourites have been Dewsall Court and Brinsop Court. Both are stunning and unique in their own way and offer so many options to the couples for both rainy and sunny days. If you want to imagine your own wedding day at Dewsall Court – here is our practical guide, enjoy!

Brinsop Court is so versatile. Are you dreaming of getting married in a medieval banqueting hall? No? Then how about a woodland ceremony or a barn? No? Then surely an outdoor ceremony in front of a moat will be something you’ll love. Brinsop Court offers it all and here are just some of the Brinsop Court weddings we’ve photographed there over the years.

  1. Dewsall Court
  2. Brinsop Court
  3. Hellens Manor
  4. Walcot Hall
  5. Iscoyd Park
  6. Elmore Court
  7. Clevedon Hall
  8. The Old Down Manor
  9. Cowley Manor
  10. Lemore Estate
  11. Homme House
  12. Pauntley Court
  13. Broadfield Court
  14. Whitney Court
  15. How Caple Court
  16. Burton Court
  17. Moxhull Hall
  18. Tyn Dwr Hall
  19. Hampton Manor
  20. Barnsley House
  21. Grittleton House
  22. Plas Dinam Country House
  23. St Tewdrics House
  24. Garthmyl Hall
  25. Cefn Tilla Court
  26. Davenport House
  27. Birtsmorton Court
  28. Manor By The Lake
Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama wedding


If barn weddings, country house weddings or castle weddings are not your jam, how about a school, a college, a church or a warehouse? There are many more wedding venues Herefordshire and in the Cotswolds to choose from and they also make for more fun and quirky photography. Those venues are an absolute joy to explore because there is just so much to discover, so why not break the tradition and go for something totally different and exciting?

Shack revolution, an urban, industrial black canvas for truly unique weddings, is one of our favourites. It is located in Hereford city centre and just waits for your creativity to run wild. Crumplebury is simply awesome and we fell in love with it the moment we saw it. It is modern, unique and offers great indoor and outdoor spaces! And if you are a foodie, great food and creating memorable experiences that revolve around it are at the heart of all they do.

  1. Shack Revolution
  2. The Forge – one of the most unusual wedding venues in Hereford
  3. Tretower Court
  4. Crumplebury
  5. Deer Park Hall
  6. The Left Bank Village
  7. Woodland Tipi & Yurt
  8. Euridge House
  9. Burlton Manor
  10. The Giraffe Shed
  11. Blackfriars Priory
  12. Kifsgate Court Gardens
  13. Westonbirt School
  14. The Orchard at Munsley
  15. Coddington Vineyard
  16. The Mule Shed
  17. Drovers Barn
  18. The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama
  19. Hawkstone Hall


Castle estates can be a beautiful and unique venue for weddings. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to consider the size of the estate before choosing it as your wedding venue. Some estates may be too large for a small wedding ceremony, while others may be too small and lack features that would make them ideal for a larger event.

It is also important to consider the surrounding area, as some estates may be in more rural areas while others may be in more populated areas. Ultimately, it is important to choose a castle estate that will fit your wedding vision and needs. Here are just a few castle wedding venues Herefordshire and in the surrounding counties.

  1. Clearwell Castle
  2. Hampton Court Castle
  3. Eastnor Castle
  4. Rowton Castle
  5. Berkeley Castle
  6. Sudeley Castle
  7. Warwick Castle
  8. Cardiff Castle


When choosing a location for your intimate wedding, there are a few things to consider. First, think about what type of wedding you want. An intimate ceremony in the privacy of your own home may be the perfect fit for you, while others may prefer a more public setting with family and friends in attendance.

Once you have decided on the type of wedding you would like, it is important to think about your budget. Do you want to spend a lot of money on an exclusive venue or do you want to find a less expensive option? Once you have decided on the type of venue and budget, it is time to think about what kind of vibe you would like for your wedding.

If you are looking for something rustic and vintage, then a rural location may be the perfect fit. If, on the other hand, you are more interested in something more modern and sleek, a city center may be better suited. Regardless of the location you choose, make sure to consult with an experienced event planner to ensure that your wedding will be exactly what you envisioned.

The Green Man is one of our favourite intimate wedding venues Herefordshire, because of the amazing food, the charm of their rooms and the proximity of some great views.

Glewstone Court is another great venue that offers that homely, intimate vibe, beautiful rooms, some great views and the vineyard! And there is also a little lake nearby!

  1. Glewstone Court
  2. Brooks Country House
  3. Flanesford
  4. Parkfields Country House
  5. The Green Man
  6. Wilde Lodge
  7. Woodbank House


Ellenborough Park wedding photography

They come in all different shapes and sizes but each one on our list offers something unique. The Elms Hotel and Alexander Park have a great spa. The Green Dragon Hotel and the Castle House offer an independent style and historic city centre ambience in the very heart of Hereford. Nuthurst Grange has a stunning barn and an outdoor area for your wedding celebrations as well as some great gardens and outdoor spaces for your wedding pictures. Hotel wedding venues Herefordshire and in the surrounding counties are truly versatile.

  1. The Elms Hotel
  2. The Green Dragon Hotel
  3. Nuthurst Grange
  4. Dumbleton Hall
  5. Frogmill Inn
  6. The Priory Hotel
  7. Castle House
  8. Ellenborough Park
  9. Whatley Manor
  10. Llangoed Hall
  11. Alexander Park Resort
  12. The Royal Lodge


When choosing a wedding venue, it is important to consider a few key factors. First and foremost, the venue should be able to accommodate your specific needs and desires. For example, if you are looking for a large space in which to hold your ceremony and reception, then a traditional wedding venue like a church or hall may not be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you are interested in hosting an intimate affair with just your closest family and friends, then a private residence may be more ideal.

Some wedding venues Herefordshire and in the Cotswolds may be more affordable than others, but it is always worth checking out various options before making a final decision. Additionally, some venues may have cheaper monthly rates if you are willing to commit to a longer term agreement.





If you’re planning your wedding, paying a visit to some of the awesome wedding venues Herefordshire, in the Cotswolds and the surrounding counties are the perfect place to look. With so many amazing venues to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for you and your spouse-to-be. Why not visit our blog again for some fresh photos from those venues? Or you can just get in touch with us and we’ll share more pictures with you.

You can also opt for a marquee wedding – Herefordshire countryside as well as the Cotswolds and Mid Wales offer incredible views and here are some ideas about planning your perfect MARQUEE and TIPI WEDDING.


As wedding photographers we can share so many useful tips and tricks with you. We have spent years in this business, refining our craft, seeing so many fantastic wedding venues Herefordshire, venues in the Cotswolds and Mid Wales, that we will be more than happy to chat about it with you to help you choose the best venue for you. Scenic backgrounds, lighting, style and theme – we’re your people! If you’d like to chat more about a particular venue or setting, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to share what we know and give you a better feel for the venue.


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