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The aim of our wedding blog is to inspire and inform you about all different aspects of wedding photography.

This blog is unique because we do not want to publish one wedding after another. We really want to be useful. Having photographed so many weddings we know quite a lot about them and we want to share that knowledge with you. Weddings are inspiring and we need that inspiration in our life. Weddings are all about love, unique moments and happy memories. Knowing how to have a fabulous day is also important. Both you, your future husband or wife, and all your wedding guests should have  a great time at your wedding. They should remember your wedding day forever. Take a look at our Best 0f 2017 blog post to get the feel of our photographic style.

We also believe we should be telling you a bit more about our work and the products.

That is another aim of our wedding blog. In some of our packages we offer digital images on an USB. We give you freedom of choice so that you can choose your preferred printing company. But we also think it is our duty to show you the difference between prints available to everyone and high quality prints available only to photographers. If you are wondering how our albums look like, you will find this information here too. Some couples are also wondering about us, the photographers. What kind of people are we? Are we bossy? What do other clients think about us? That is why we will also try to write about our work, add our clients’ testimonials and answer all your questions. We aim to create an interactive wedding blog and we hope you will find all the information useful. Happy wedding planning!