Pauntley Court wedding photography

Pauntley Court wedding photography

As wedding photographers we get to meet many amazing people and visit some pretty incredible places. Pauntley Court wedding photography has given us both of those things. If you are planning to get married at Pauntley Court, Gloucester, please get in touch with us as we would love to photograph your wedding.

Our photography style

So if you are looking for photographers who will capture your day as it unfolds, in a relaxed and natural way, we are your people. There is laughter involved in the process too because we really want you to just enjoy your wedding day. Posing practically doesn’t exist when you have us as your wedding photographers.

bride and groom Pauntley Court

Historic venue in Gloucestershire

Pauntley Court is a romantic and charming family home. It also has a picturesque Norman Church next door and stunning gardens and views, which makes it a perfect wedding venue.

Pauntley Court Gloucester

Real wedding at Pauntley Court, Gloucester

What we like about weddings there is the fact that you don’t have to travel to the church too far, you just walk there. You can also get ready at Pauntley Court in the morning, which means that you can completely relax there.

bridesmaid and champagne
getting ready
bride getting ready

Getting ready

There are a few areas you can use to get ready in the morning – both the main buildings and the little house between the main building and the church. This is where our groom and groomsmen got ready.


There is lots of stunning places that can be used if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony. The beautiful Norman Church is there too in case you choose the more traditional way of getting married. And as wedding photographers we really love the fact that both of those options are available at Pauntley Court.

Confetti moment

Who doesn’t like it? It is such a great opportunity to just be happy and have a bit of fun.

Welcome drinks and group pictures

They can take place in those lovely gardens at Pauntley Court and are such a pleasure to photograph. When photographing a wedding there we totally got this Italian vibe. When you visit the venue, can you feel it too?

Wedding breakfast and the speeches

The wedding we photographed was a bit bigger, so the couple chose a beautiful marquee. And guess who was behind the bar? It was the couple whose wedding we photographed a few years back at Homme House – such a small world and it was so lovely to catch up with them!

Couple shoot – Pauntley Court wedding photography

We were really spoilt for choice here, and if we could, we would use even more places, but of course a wedding day is not a photo shoot. But every photographer will agree that this place is just a paradise as far as wedding photography options are concerned.

The party!

Wedding parties in the evening are our thing, we love staying longer to capture people dancing and having the best time.

Get in touch with us

Are you getting married at Pauntley Court and currently looking for your photographer? Get in touch with us, let’s chat, we would love to photograph your amazing wedding at that stunning venue!

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