Kingscote Barn wedding photography is truly amazing!

Kingscote Barn is like a tiny farm tucked away in the charming Cotswolds, just a hop, skip, and a jump from Tetbury in Gloucestershire. It’s hands down our top pick for a wedding venue in the Cotswolds. And as wedding photographers we can honestly say that Kingscote Barn wedding photography is just beautiful.

Kingscote Barn wedding photography

As wedding photographers we’re totally obsessed with the entrance to Kingscote Barn and the fields that surround it. Those fields are always bursting with corn that looks absolutely fabulous in the summer and Autumn. The views are mind-blowing, and we never get tired of snapping a few pics throughout the day as the light works its magic on the landscape.

Wedding ceremonies at Kingscote Barn

And let’s talk about those ceremony spots – inside the barn, the light is ah-mazing with those huge glass doors on either side. But the outdoor ceremony option is just as gorgeous, and the entrance through the garden is like a fairy tale.

The gardens right outside the barn are the perfect spot for everyone to enjoy some drinks and cocktails, and they even have a designated area for garden games that can get seriously competitive!

Getting Married at a Nearby Church

So, aside from Kingscote Barn, there are a bunch of other spots nearby where you can seal the deal. The top pick is St Mary The Virgin in Tetbury, just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Oh, and let me tell you about this truly special ceremony we attended at St John The Baptist, Kingscote. This is where our Kingscote Barn wedding photography adventure actually started!

Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies at Kingscote Barn

So, picture this: You can tie the knot outdoors, with a side of backup barn in case the sky decides to cry. The garden is just lovely, and those Cotswolds hills? Absolutely stunning. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of an outdoor wedding? But let’s not underestimate the charm of the barn too!

Kingscote Barn weddings – what’s unique about the experience?

Getting ready

It’s also really useful to be able to get ready at Kingscote Barn, not all wedding venues have that option. And it is so useful to even arrive the day before and relax. Your wedding day will be more incredible this way. Spring Cottage looks incredible and we’ve also visited Tuppence Barn and Will’s Cottage. Many wedding venues in the Cotswolds don’t offer that luxury which means you have to travel on the day of your wedding!

Couple photos – Kingscote Barn wedding photography

We always strive to capture photos that are as unique as the couples who hire us. And let us tell you, the driveway with the corn fields is like my secret weapon for epic couple photos. If you time it just right, you’ll catch sunsets that are like the stuff of dreams – way better than what you’ll find at the barn.

Plus, there are these charming gardens and wide-open fields with the most amazing hill views. Kingscote Barn is hands down one of our top wedding venues, and we absolutely love Kingscote Barn wedding photography.

The food

In addition to all the above, the food is incredible and the staff are always welcoming. Oh, and can we just take a moment to appreciate the evening pizza oven? Seriously, the pizza at Kingscote Barn is next-level delicious. It’s like a slice of heaven in every bite.

Planning your own wedding at Kingscote Barn?

Get in touch with us and let’s chat about your day – we’d LOVE to be your photographers! So if you’re looking for relaxed, natural wedding photos and don’t really like to pose – we might be just the right fit for you.