5 Things You Should Know About Wilde Lodge Wedding Photography

Wilde Lodge is a beautiful lodge located in Lower Stanage Farm, Knighton in Wales. It’s great for wedding ceremonies and receptions and is surrounded by stunning views perfect for Wilde Lodge wedding photography.

Here are five things you should know about Wilde Lodge wedding photography:

1. The lodge has a large outdoor area perfect for photo sessions.

2. It also has a beautiful garden, a pond, the river, meadows and woodlands.

3. Wilde Lodge features beautiful, natural light that is perfect for wedding photography.

4. The staff is friendly and accommodating, making it easy to create the perfect Wilde Lodge wedding photography experience.

5. There is plenty of parking available onsite, making travel to and from the lodge easy.

About the photographers

Hi, we are West Midlands wedding photographers whose style is fun, relaxed and natural. We will capture every moment of your special day, whether you are planning a traditional wedding or something a bit more unique. We have photographed at this fantastic venue before and we’d LOVE to chat with you about Wilde Lodge wedding photography!

The Lodge

 The lodge is perfect for a relaxed and natural wedding photography. The views from the lodge are stunning, perfect for capturing natural and candid moments of your wedding day.

The grounds of the lodge are perfect for a relaxed outdoor wedding photography. With lush greenery and stunning views, it’s the perfect place to capture your wedding day in all its beauty.

The facilities at Wilde Lodge are perfect for hosting a relaxed and stress-free wedding day.

Wilde Lodge wedding photography – The Ceremony

The ceremony can be held in the garden or by the fireplace. There is also a secluded spot for nuptials overlooking the river.

If you’re looking for a truly unique and special setting for your wedding, then why not consider overlooking the river? Not only is it a beautiful and calming backdrop, but it also provides a secluded space for your nuptials. Wilde Lodge has that perfect spot overlooking the river waiting for you. So if you want to make your wedding day truly unforgettable, why not consider saying “I do” in front of a stunning river view?

We LOVED photographing this natural ceremony by the river.

The Reception

The reception area has beautiful views of the Welsh mountains and valley, perfect for capturing that quintessential Welsh wedding feel. There’s plenty of room for guests to enjoy a delicious meal and plenty of space for couples to dance the night away.

It is such a relaxing area – both the outdoor and indoor reception area as well as the bar. Your Wilde Lodge wedding photography will be natural, relaxed and therefore stunning.

The Photos

We will capture every moment of your day, from the ceremony to the reception. We have a relaxed and fun style that’s perfect for natural and candid wedding photos. We will work with you to create the perfect photojournalistic experience for your wedding day.

You’ll love your photos! And photo opportunities and stunning backdrops are just countless at Wilde Lodge!

Custom Package Options Available

We offer a range of custom wedding photography package options to make your day as relaxing and stress-free as possible. We can also tailor our packages to include specific services such as photography and videography. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our Wilde Lodge wedding photography packages. 

Get in touch with your photographers

If you’re looking for a picturesque location for your wedding ceremony and/or reception, Wilde Lodge is definitely worth checking out! We’d love to chat with you about our services and see if we can capture your day the way you envision it.