Creative short wedding films

We have been photographing weddings since 2012 and back in January 2019, nearly three years ago, we decided to create our first wedding video clip. It was shaky and overexposed but we still love it so much! This wedding video, recorded at Brinsop Court in Hereford, is still one of our favourites.

short wedding films

The magic of short wedding films

So many amazing moments happen at weddings and we love photographing them. The emotions, the movement, the moments between people and the crazy dance floor is something that we love capturing (posing people for prolonged periods of time is not really our thing). Our short wedding films are focused on moments as well – and with video we can capture them in a different way.

The above short film was about the couple and Dewsall Court, their beautiful venue:

Short wedding film featuring the whole wedding day

Do you get that wedding feeling? This is one of the first weddings allowed to take place after the lockdown. Can you feel that excitement and happiness? We’re not traditional wedding photographers (staying away from the cringe!) and our short wedding films aren’t traditional too. So if you are not a big fan of typical long wedding videos, this might just be something you’re looking for.

Short film featuring that awesome weekend!

When we found out that one of our couples decided to change their wedding venue to the fantastic Low Hall The Lakes because of the pandemic, we got super excited. The groom was planning to go for a dip in Crummock Water in the morning too and we just had no other option but to video it!

This one is all about their love!

In this example we focused on the couple and the stunning views. We created this video in the summer of 2020 and this awesome couple, who actually got married a few years earlier, met up with us again and this video was the result.

Mutual weirdness called LOVE

Who doesn’t love outdoor summer weddings? This one also includes a quote from Friends – you have to see this one!