We love Lyde Arundel weddings. This place is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Herefordshire. Beautiful bright barns, amazing colorful gardens, the lake and lovely vineyards. I mean what else do you need? This is just a perfect wedding venue choice. If you’re thinking of an outdoor wedding ceremony, it is possible to have it there and the ceremony looks gorgeous! Liv & Harry chose a different scenario. They got ready in their houses, they then drove to the local church and then to Lyde Arundel for some great celebrations. The venue is perfect when you are inviting small guests. Children have the best time at Lyde Arundel. They can run and play games on the lawn and in front of the barns. Liv & Harry have small kids and they are so gorgeous! They had the best time there. Bigger kids enjoyed all the garden games too!

Lyde Arundel weddings are awesome! If you’re planning one, please get in touch. We would LOVE to be your photographers!

This is what Liv & Harry told the TWIA judges about us:

“Marta and Artur came well recommended from our venue, Lyde Arundel, and upon further research we found that we both really liked their previous work and upon meeting them found them to be lovely people. Marta and Artur were nothing short of brilliant. They were quick to meet us at a time and place that was convenient for us and explained to us all the different packages and what we wanted in depth. As a team they worked amazingly and really impressed all of the guests with their organisation and creativity. To top it all off as well they were the friendliest and most patient people, which we needed to be able to get the lovely photos of our young children!”

There is another wedding I would like to share with you. Please take a look at Zarah & Mike’s wedding day at Lyde Arundel.