We’re big fans of Dewsall Court weddings and have captured almost forty awesome celebrations there over the years, so we’re pretty familiar with all the best spots. Since this venue is close to us, if sustainability is a priority for you, we’ve got you covered. Plus, if it snows in the winter, we can easily walk over and capture your special day too! Being local means you won’t have to worry about us getting stuck on the roads either. We’re also trusted suppliers for Dewsall Court, so booking us is one of the safest and most sustainable choices out there.

So take a look at our photography style and if you like it, just reach out to us and let’s chat. We have seen spring, summer, autumn and winter weddings at Dewsall Court and all of them were truly beautiful so we thought it would be a good idea to tell you a bit more about this fantastic venue and also share some ideas with you. This venue offers so much and you can create your own truly unique celebration there.

DEWSALL – a Herefordshire venue

Gorgeous and eco-friendly, they’ve got all the goods, tucked away in the picturesque Herefordshire countryside not too far away from the Cotswolds. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic, a thrill-seeker, or just up for some fun, venture off the usual path and uncover the enchantment of Dewsall.

A venue with endless backdrops for photography

There is just so many options and locations to use for your wedding photography. The views are breathtaking and even after so many weddings documented there we discover something new every single time. Did you know that they have a beautiful lake and a jetty as well? It’s perfect for that outdoor Dewsall Court ceremony.

What we really love about this venue is how flexible and accommodating Dewsall Court is to all their couples. Now that all the legal restrictions are gone, you can get married pretty much everywhere – including on that stunning meadow too! You could also install your own yurt and serve some free cider to all of your guests!


Winter celebrations at Dewsall Court – English-American wedding just before the world changed forever

Spring wedding with speeches & ceremony outside!

BRIAN ENO at Dewsall Court – summer celebrations & just look at this dress!

Church ceremony and late summer celebrations at Dewsall Court

Autumn – emotional ceremony in the CONSERVATORY at Dewsall Court

Autumnal vibes & candle lights – ceremony in the Wainhouse

Autumnal vibes & candle lights – church at Dewsall followed by JEWISH DANCING!

Autumnal wedding – when the bride is also a FLORIST!

Autumnal vibes & candle lights – SHAMANIC CEREMONY at Dewsall – just look at those shoes too!

Also, if you have a bit more time – please take a look at this DECEMBER WEDDING at Dewsall Court photographed by us many years ago.

And then we also document this ENGLISH AMERICAN day – I was surprised how different American traditions are!


First of all, unlike many other venues, Dewsall Court offers a really unique experience. You can actually arrive the day before and really get to know the venue and spend some quality with all your family. That makes such a big difference. Why? Because on your wedding day you’ll just feel relaxed. We have NEVER photographed a stressful wedding at Dewsall. It feels like to each and every couple Dewsall Court is like a second home. The venue offers so many amazing rooms that have recently been redecorated and they all look stunning.

The girls can just enjoy a relaxing morning while I just blend in and photograph them…

Whilst the groom and the groomsmen can use the snooker table! Usually my husband, the other half of our photography team, will be with them to document their morning.

The groom and the groomsmen can get ready and finalize their speeches both in the main house and in the barn rooms on site.


The choice is really incredible and we love photographing ceremonies in all the locations. You can choose to get married in your church and then drive to Dewsall court, or choose one of the following options… There are many more options now such as a humanist ceremony by the lake or on the meadow… Where do you see your ceremony taking place?

Outdoor ceremonies

This type of ceremonies is more and more popular and works really well in the summer months, obviously. From the photographers’ point of view, this is the perfect choice because of lighting and composition options. What is amazing about Dewsall is the fact that you can actually have plan A (sunny weather, outdoor ceremony) and plan B (indoor, just in case). You can have the canopy or you can choose to get married just under the sky. Imagine your guests enjoying the canapes and reception drinks on the lawn, breathing in the fresh air and admiring the views. Just perfect!

Get married at Dewsall Court church!

The vicar is really helpful, friendly and accommodating. He is one of our most favorite vicars ever! Trust us – sometimes photographing a church wedding can be really tricky but photographing Dewsall Court church weddings is definitely not that. The church is small and therefore really sweet and beautiful. Your guests will definitely enjoy the stroll among the apple trees and the church ceremony will be magical and unforgettable.

Ceremony in Dewsall Court’s Conservatory

So unique! Below you will notice that some of our couples decided to walk up the aisle together and that was jus so unique – just like all Dewsall Court couples are! Unique! The ceremony in the conservatory is perfect for smaller weddings and we just love the light there. We can use our wider, prime lenses and just move around with our cameras a bit to get all those different angles.

The Wainhouse Barn ceremony

Perfect for bigger weddings. In the summer the glass doors to the side are open whereas during the winter months they remain closed to keep you warm. And the candles and their reflections in the glass just add to the magic of your images. From the photography point of view, the best location for the ceremony is in front of the big wooden door at the back of the Wainhouse because of the natural light reaching the couple from one side.


If you choose to have this picture-perfect moment , it can happen literally EVERYWHERE at Dewsall. On the front lawn, in front of the main building, outside the Wainhouse Barn or in front of the church. But usually we get your guests and our cameras ready in front of the main house.

One practical tip about the confetti from the photographers’ point of view: make sure you add some white petals to your confetti. It will look amazing on the photos. Also – THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH CONFETTI!


The same rule applies to the group pictures – Dewsall Court is so beautiful that the pictures can be taken literally everywhere. And, as photographers we can assure you that if it rains – Dewsall Court looks equally picture-perfect inside! Group pictures are important AND you can actually enjoy them too! Let’s chat and we’ll tell you our little tricks how to make that part of compulsory wedding imagery a lot more enjoyable for everyone!


Dewsall Court weddings rock! The venue provides stunning backdrops for your images. Every time of the year at Dewsall Court looks magical and for this reason your memories will be unique. There is so many hidden corners and sunken gardens available for photo backdrops, it is just unbelievable! Plus on top of that we can use the sunlight to our advantage and achieve different looks depending on the time of the day, including the night portraits. Endless possibilities, two of us, and a bit of a professional equipment, including various lenses, density filters, tripods, triggers and flashes make Dewsall a dream wedding photography spot!


Indoor, outdoor, depending on the weather and time of the year. Again, Dewsall Court is just perfect when it is sunny, or when it rains or even when it snows. And the food made of the local produce they use is just AMAZING! And the canapes look stunning every time we see and take pictures of them!


So much space in there! Dewsall’s Wainhouse can accommodate 120-170 guests which is pretty incredible! Plus you feel so cozy when you’re in there! Decorate the barn however you like, add flowers, candles, bunting and even a yurt with free cider for your guests! Candlelit wainhouse and the reflections of candles on glass doors and windows create that truly magical picture-perfect ambience.

As photographers, we will make sure all this is captured for you. This place is where the magic happens and your guests will definitely love it. The bar is there, the bonfire is next to the barn and you can roast your marshmallows there too! Have you seen that moon lighting at the back and all the fairy lights that light up at night?


Now that the main parts of your day are done, it’s time to relax! And take it to the dance floor! We have photographed MANY super cool parties at Dewsall Court! Yes, there were rounds of shots and yes, the drinks got spilled and the glass got broken – but WOW! We have witnessed some of the craziest evening parties there!

Usually we put our light stands and tripods next to the speakers, so they are not visible but help us capture the party in low light. Sometimes we just use light prime lenses with 1.4 or 1.8 aperture and of course wide angle or sometimes fish eye lenses are used too!

So… what do you think about this amazing venue? We really do think Dewsall Court weddings are the best! We’ve shown you NINE fantastic weddings at Dewsall in all possible seasons but if you want even more, here is a general slideshows featuring some of the other beautiful celebrations we’ve captured so far (including the one in which the former Prime Minister and our bride’s boss – BORIS JOHNSON recorded a special video message for the happy couple :

If you are planning your own beautiful day at Dewsall Court, get in touch with us, we would love to be your photographers! And here’s even more inspo for you:

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