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We are award winning wedding photographers based in Hereford, West Midlands. Our wedding photography style is relaxed, unobtrusive and creative. Whitney Court wedding photography offers so many creative alternatives. The venue and the grounds look stunning all year round. Take a look at this recent wedding we have photographed at Whitney Court:

Whitney Court, Whitney-on-Wye

Whitney Court weddings are so pretty. Are you looking for a venue with some stunning views? Whitney Court’s views reach across the river Wye to the Black Mountains and beyond and they are amazing! We have photographed a few weddings there and we would love to come back. Every time we are there, we discover something new. This place is just so beautiful! Not many venues can accommodate up to four hundred guests! Okay, the capacity of the civil ceremony and the wedding reception in the house is 132 but they can add the marquee on one of their terraces and a wedding with 250-400 guests is sorted.

Whitney Court wedding photography

Whitney Court wedding photography

So how do Whitney Court weddings look like? Can you imagine your Whitney Court wedding pictures? Just imagine it is your wedding day – how would you want it to look like? How would you like to feel? Let’s start from the beginning – the morning preparations.


Whitney Court offers an amazing choice of bright and spacious rooms for both the bride and the groom. They are just perfect from the photography point of view. I love the bridal suite because it’s bright and spacious and you can just enjoy yourself and have the most relaxing morning! Getting ready at your venue is such a great idea. Why? Because you don’t have to worry about traveling, traffic and being late! Have a great time instead! Just relax!


We love Whitney Court because of the Great Hall – so elegant, dark and beautiful. It looks amazing on pictures too and please don’t worry about it being dark – because right at the end, where the ceremony is, the light is just perfect, have a look. We’re totally in love with the Great Hall – a perfect place for your civil ceremony. If you prefer the church ceremony – Whitney on Wye has a beautiful church too!


Whitney Court is so pretty that the confetti looks amazing everywhere. Every wedding photographer will tell you that. The stunning views outside offer an amazing backdrop for this picture. If it rains and there is no option of going outside, you can also use the awesome Great Hall. Would you like to read more about the confetti photos? Follow this link: Confetti Shots


I think, as far as having a great time at Whitney Court is concerned, the sky is the only limit. I’ve actually seen an awesome fairground themed wedding there! Can you imagine? That’s why they have those lovely terraces there – so much space! Use them to enjoy the views and play some garden games at the same time!


Not every wedding venue actually offers amazing backdrops for both sunny and rainy days! Whitney Court does. Not sure if you’ve heard that a 100% sunny day is a big problem as far as the group pictures are concerned. But at Whitney Court, if it is sunny, we can easily find a nice shade and nobody will have to squint! Perfect, isn’t it?


We want to come back and photograph more Whitney Court weddings because of your photos! The possibilities at this venue, both inside and outside, are just endless. We already have a couple more new ideas – can’t wait to go back and photograph more weddings there.


The Double Drawing Room is where the magic happens. The room will accommodate up to 132 dining guests, so plenty of space! What we love about this room is the colours – clean, bright, perfect for those lovely action shots and capturing emotions during the speeches. There is one more thing we really like about it – have you noticed any red buttons, ugly sockets or emergency exit signs? No? That’s because they are hidden very well. So many other venues have sockets and cables on top of sockets and cables! But not Whitney Court – every room here is just so pretty!


I have three simple words to describe the dance floor for you – SO – MUCH – SPACE! Both you and your guests will love it! And your wedding photographer will be happy too!

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So…. what do you think? Whitney Court is a truly stunning wedding venue! A hidden gem with the most amazing views. If you’re planning to get married there, still looking for your wedding photographer and like what you’ve seen here – please do get in touch! We’d LOVE to be your Whitney Court wedding photographers! Here are some more images we have taken at Whitney Court:

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