Cowley Manor Wedding Photography: Highlights From A Romantic Venue

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding photography venue, look no further than Cowley Manor. This stunning manor house offers a unique and romantic experience for your wedding day and we just love a good Cowley Manor wedding!

About the photographers

We are award winning wedding photographers based in Hereford, West Midlands and we travel to many beautiful wedding venues to shoot amazing weddings. If you don’t like to pose, we are the perfect photographers for you because all we do is natural and relaxed. Even the group pictures are a lot of fun when you have us as your wedding photographers.

Real Cowley Manor wedding

Recently we have had a pleasure of photographing a beautiful wedding at Cowley Manor in the Cotswolds so if you are getting married there and looking for a wedding photographer – let’s chat! Are you planning your own Cowley Manor wedding – we’ll be happy to give you some top photography tips.

History of Cowley Manor

Cowley Manor was originally a manor house in the town of Cowley, Oxfordshire, England. It was built in the late 16th century and has been used for weddings since at least 1701. The current building was erected in the early 18th century.

Features and Benefits of photographing your wedding at Cowley Manor

Cowley Manor is a romantic venue that offers a variety of photo opportunities. Some of the features and benefits of photographing your Cowley Manor wedding include:

-The setting is spacious and elegantly decorated with period furnishings.

-There is plenty of room for guests to move around, which makes for an interactive wedding experience.

-The staff is professional and friendly, making sure your wedding photos are beautiful and cohesive.

Unusual locations for your wedding photos at Cowley Manor

There are several unusual locations that would be perfect for wedding photos at Cowley Manor, such as in the ballroom or in one of the many gardens or the spa area if you’re after something more unique and creative. If you’re looking for something truly unique, Cowley Manor is perfect! While photographing our Cowley Manor wedding we used the spa area and we loved it.

How we capture the beauty of your wedding day at Cowley Manor

Cowley Manor is a beautiful and romantic venue for weddings. We love capturing the beauty of your wedding day here, from the stunning architecture to the incredible gardens. We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality photos that will capture all of the emotions of your special day. From intimate details to beautiful landscapes, we will help you create photos that will last a lifetime.

What Makes Cowley Manor Unique?

Cowley Manor is a unique venue for weddings because of its expansive grounds, which provide plenty of space for all of the wedding photos and festivities. The Manor also has a beautiful chapel, which can be used as the wedding location, or as a secondary reception location. Additionally, the amazing staff at Cowley Manor will do everything they can to make sure that every minute of your special day is relaxed and happy.

The Photography at Cowley Manor

Cowley Manor weddings are perfect for couples who want a romantic, rustic setting for their photo session. The property offers an abundance of natural light and stunning landscapes, making it the perfect backdrop for photos that will last a lifetime. We also love playing with truly unique places also available there – and trust us – Cowley Manor offers so many of them!

Time to party!

If you’re looking for an unforgettable wedding photography experience, we offer a range of professional services that will make your day beautiful and memorable. Get in touch with us and let’s chat!