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We want to capture how you felt on your wedding day.

And then, 20 years on, when you look back at your wedding images, you will forget about your worries and travel back in time to relive one of the most amazing days of your life.

So on your wedding day, you just have fun, feel every moment, be happy, dance like crazy and drink those tequilas.

Just have the best time and let us be there to capture it all for you.

But there's a catch!

In order to tell your story well, we need to get to know you a bit. Every couple and every wedding is unique so let’s meet up and then stay in touch! We don’t want to just ‘provide the service’, photography is not about that. Photography is about telling stories – and to tell the story we need to know it first. It’s not the camera, it’s the person behind it that takes the photo for you. We would much more prefer to be like friends, and on your wedding day to just blend in to capture those best memories for you.

So… what’s your story? Get in touch with us!

We're SO glad that we chose them to photograph our wedding. From the craft of their work to the warmth in their communication, everything was perfect from day one. There's no doubt that Marta & Artur are experts at their craft, but there's more to it than that - they radiate love and creativity, and the result is a perfect recipe for wedding photos we'll love and cherish forever.

Claire & Jonon 15.09.2018

Why images are so magical?

Photography is magical – it’s like we have this superpower of freezing time for you and your loved ones. And just imagine you, 20 years on, looking at your wedding images and immediately traveling back in time to those amazing moments – you suddenly laugh, cry and feel happy. Instantly you forget about your worries. That’s powerful! I don’t know if you’ve watched Interstellar – a story about time, love and loss in our lives. Two quotes from that film stayed with me:

“Time is relative, it can stretch and squeeze, but it can’t run backwards. Love is the one thing that transcends time and space”

“Now we’re just here to be memories for our kids”

We want to capture that love and those memories, for you, your children and grandchildren. How do you want them to remember you?

Marta is just incredible, she and her husband are the best photographers and we are completely blown away with our wedding photos. Each and every photo is amazing! As a team they are both brilliant. They were fantastic running up to our wedding, on the day and after! They make the photographs such an enjoyable part of the day and you can see their excitement too! They work so hard and we are so pleased we picked them to photograph our wedding. We love them and are so thankful to them both! xxxx

Jess & Fergon 20.09.2017
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West Midlands Wedding Photographers

So how do you want to remember your wedding day? Do you want to feel the emotions when looking at your wedding images or do you prefer pretty pictures of your wedding dress and shoes and, God forbid, of a heart shaped group photo? We are not traditional boring wedding photographers and we believe that capturing moments is a lot more important than trying to capture you doing a penguin pose.

Our style is a mixture of authentic moments and creative portraits. As a husband and wife team we work hard to create the best wedding story for our clients. Visit Fearless Photographers and Masters of Wedding Photography to find out more about our work. Visit our blog to find out more about our style and approach.