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  • hate the thought of taking too much time out for pictures like a pair of posers
  • are worried that your pics will totally fail at capturing the true essence of your epic day
  • want real, vibrant wedding photos that are overflowing with life
  • want your love to be shown through laughter


The last thing we want is for you to be taken out of the joy and love and hilarity and all-of-the-feels of your wedding day.

We don’t force poses. Instead, we take time getting to know you before the big day. We learn about what’s important to you, and who the special people are who will be there celebrating with you.

That way, on the day, we can just… hang out, like friends. Friends with cameras who just happen to be a little bit awesome at capturing the important stuff, the emotional stuff, and the gorgeous moments in between.

So here’s how we do it! (in 6 steps)



you fill out the form on our connect page to



We have a Zoom call, you tell us what you need and based on that info we suggest the best package for you.

Our Prices vary depending on the option you choose and start at £1600!

We want to give you as much flexibility as possible, so we’ve put together some packages of our most popular options (and some cheeky discounts too), but we’re always happy to create bespoke quotes for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask!



It’s a yes – we’re so excited! At this point it’s time to sign our booking contract and pay a booking fee. Then your wedding date is in our diary in permanent marker.

Woohoo! Keep your eye on the letterbox for a little treat from us, and keep in touch!



If you’ve booked a Pre-Wedding shoot with us, now is the time! We’ll get together for a whole hour of fun, frolics and gorgeous photos.

You can find out more about our Pre-Wedding shoots HERE:



Time for a tiny bit of homework (we’ll keep it brief, we promise).

When you’ve got about a month to go until the big day, fill out our pre-wedding questionnaire about timings, people that absolutely 100% need a picture together, and other important and necessary bits we need to know in order to make the photography on the day as smooth and awesome as possible.

We can’t wait to catch up with you!



Ready to get married, you lovely people? It’s your wedding day!

Wrap your arms around each other tightly. Say those vows. Eat that cake. Make that toast. Take that tequila shot. Hit that dancefloor.

Have FUN, and know that we’re right there with you documenting the magic as it happens.

We’ll let you know when you can expect your image galleries, and we’ll be sure to send you some sneak peeks and previews to whet your appetite.



Our prices start at £1500 and here is the selection of our most popular packages, but if you’d rather build your own package and GO BESPOKE, then all power to you! You can go for just a couple of hours or even a couple of days!


What you get:

One May photographing your day

Full day coverage (I LOVE the dance floor, so I always stay longer to capture all the dance floor fun!)
Around 600 fully edited images packed with love

Private online gallery

shareable with family and friends, high res downloads, low res downloads for social media, preview slideshow



What you get:

Two Mays photographing your day

Full day coverage (we LOVE the dance floor, so we always stay longer to capture all the dance floor fun!)
900+ fully edited images to relive your wedding in all its epicness

One of our exquisitely made wedding ALBUMS

so you can display your heirloom wedding photos in style, and be transported back to the emotions of the day every time you look at them


as a part of the experience!

Private online gallery

shareable with family and friends, high res downloads, low res downloads for social media, preview slideshow


What you get:

Two Mays photographing and filming your day

Full day coverage (we LOVE the dance floor, so we always stay longer to capture all the dance floor fun!)
Around 800 fully edited images packed with love

A creative short FILM

of audio/video highlights, about 5 minutes (these are such fun, and always provoke a rollercoaster of emotions).

Add a separate film of the speeches or just the audio so you can listen and feel all the emotions again!

Private online gallery

shareable with family and friends, high res downloads, low res downloads for social media, preview slideshow.


  1. We understand that shelves of trophies probably won’t be top of your list of criteria when you’re looking for the right wedding photographers for you. However, awards in the world of photography are worth taking note of, because they’re really darn hard to win! So, if you do see proof of recognition in national and, yes, international, awards, you can rest assured that these are serious marks of quality. And we have that proof!
  2. We’ve got mad skills, folks! We’ve been rocking the wedding photography scene since 2012, so we’re basically wedding photography ninjas. Those wedding photography newbies? Yeah, they definitely don’t have our expertise, it’s a fact!
  3. Also take a gander at, like, a gazillion super rad reviews we scored from our totally awesome couples – they’re the ultimate evidence that we’re legit!

Hardly anyone enjoys having their picture taken – unless you’re a supermodel, of course! Out of over 400 couples, we only found about 3-4 who actually loved being in front of the camera. Can you believe it? Talk about a rare breed!

So it’s totally normal to feel a bit hesitant. That’s why we don’t focus on stiff poses (also because we don’t want to steal you away from all the wedding shenanigans for too long). Instead, we just have fun together.

We take the time to get to know you before the big day, figuring out your likes and dislikes. And this is also why our Full Story package includes a pre-wedding shoot – it’s like a dress rehearsal for your main event.

And hey, don’t just take our word for it – check out those reviews from real couples who had the same worries. They ended up loving the experience and adoring their pictures. You will too!

Not if you don’t want to! This is also why we want to get to know you better – that’s why we’re gonna ask you which of these three options describes you best?

  1. We’re all about 100% reportage pictures, baby! And that means no poses, only natural couple shots.
  2. We’re down for some natural couple pics, but we’re also game to play around. We know you’ve got a knack for mixing natural and creative shots in different lighting.
  3. We’re all about quantity! Give us all the couple pics you can muster, in every lighting condition, day and night. And hey, I’ll even rock my dress for those epic shots!

Every couple is one-of-a-kind, and we’re all ears for what you want. We’re under no portfolio-building pressure here – your happiness is our top priority! So if you don’t want to be taken away from your wedding celebrations for too long – we just won’t do it. Tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen for you!

You can definitely find a cheaper alternative, but they definitely won’t do the same job. There’s a reason why it’s cheaper.

The more expensive packages have their own reasons for being pricier too! The photographer puts in more time and effort into customer care, getting to know you and your story, and then spends even more time editing your pictures and making your gallery (your memories) look incredible.

Now, the cheaper option might just involve showing up at a wedding, snapping the usual wedding shots, and quickly editing and delivering them. And hey, if that’s all you’re looking for, that’s totally fine! If you just want a basic documentation of the day, no extra frills or creativity, then the cheaper option might be perfect for you!

But if you appreciate storytelling, going for the more expensive option means you’ll get more nuanced, artistic perspectives on the magical moments that made YOUR day so special.

Working with two photographers will always result in a more interesting selection of images, because you’ve got two brains, four eyes and two points of view whirring away on the job.

But working with two people who know each other inside out (like us), and can communicate with looks, head nods and other tiny wordless gestures will guarantee you a seamless experience and a collection of really nuanced, bold and artistic imagery that expresses the story of your wedding day.

Second shooters, oh boy! They’re like a carousel, always rotating, bringing their own unpolished styles – and let’s just name it, the quality of their work can be a bit iffy. You see, most of the time they’re just new wedding photographers starting out. But hey, we’ve been capturing weddings side by side since 2012 – no random second shooter can even come close to what we bring to the table as a team!

Because wedding pictures are your memories. Because pictures are the only thing left after your wedding day is long gone (even your gorgeous dress will never look new again). Same with the wedding album – this is the only wedding item that will get more valuable with time, until it will actually become priceless.

So how important are those memories for you? Will the snaps do? Or would you prefer something more timeless and meaningful? Just think about it – the moment you see your wedding pictures for the first time – this is how you’re going to remember your day forever.

So how do you want to remember your day? Typical wedding snaps will give you typical wedding memories but meaningful images, those really good quality wedding pictures that tell your story, will actually let you re-live your day again and again and FEEL it all again.

We photograph the important stuff, the emotional stuff, and the gorgeous moments in between. We want you to FEEL your photos, to see the happiness, the interactions and the characters that all played a part in your wedding day! Typical wedding snaps won’t give you that.

Award Winning


Short Films


Get in touch, check your date, and let’s hear all about those wedding plans of yours!