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The Experience

Roll up roll up, folks.

This is where you’ll find all the information you need about working with us as your fun and fearless wedding photographers. We’ll cover how the process works (spoiler alert: it’s not rocket science and it involves lots of lovely chats and cups of tea), plus those all-important prices and optional but gorgeous extras. Ready?
Let’s goooo!

OK, Mays, we think we like you. What happens next?

STEP ONE: You enquire with us by filling out the form on our CONNECT PAGE and we’ll get back to you as speedily as possible with a hello email and a little personal video intro so you can get comfy with us!


STEP TWO: We have a Zoom call where you can fill us in on the ins and outs of your wedding plans. Tell us your loves and your pet peeves, and the things you know you want from your wedding photographs. We’ll talk you through how we tend to work on your wedding day everything that’s included in the service that you’re interested in, and you can hit us with all of your burning questions. Then we’ll leave you be, and you can decide whether you want to go ahead and book.

Meet The Mays

Making the Magic Happen

What Others Think

STEP THREE: It’s a yes – we’re so excited! At this point it’s time to sign our booking contract and pay a booking fee (a percentage of the overall cost, depending on which SERVICE you’ve gone for). Then your wedding date is in our diary in permanent marker. Woohoo! Keep your eye on the letterbox for a little treat from us, and keep in touch! We love hearing about how your plans are coming along and getting to know you both better in the run up to your day, so feel free to add us on Facebook, send us your Pinterest boards and pop up in our inboxes as much or as little as you like.

STEP FOUR: If you’ve booked a Pre-Wedding shoot with us, now is the time! We’ll get together at your chosen location for a day of fun, frolics and gorgeous photos. We’re huge advocates of a pre-wedding or engagement shoot, as it really allows you to let any last worries or inhibitions go, and get truly comfortable around us and our cameras. You can find out more about our Pre-Wedding shoot options HERE

Pre-wedding Shoots


Short Films

STEP FIVE: Time for a tiny bit of homework (we’ll keep it brief, we promise). When you’ve got about a month to go until the big day, fill out our pre-wedding questionnaire with as much detail as possible about timings, addresses, people that absolutely 100% need a picture together, and other important and necessary bits and bobs we need to know in order to make the photography on the day as smooth and awesome as possible.


Ready to get married, you lovely people? It’s your wedding day! Wrap your arms around each other tightly. Say those vows. Eat that cake. Make that toast. Take that tequila shot. Hit that dancefloor. Relax, have FUN, and know that we’re right there with you documenting the magic as it happens.

We’ll let you know when you can expect your image galleries, and we’ll be sure to send you some sneak peeks and previews to whet your appetite.

Award Winning

Wedding Planning Tips



We want to give you as much flexibility as possible, allowing you to personalise your photography experience with the services and products that make your hearts feel happiest. We’ve put together some packages of our most popular options (and some cheeky discounts too), but we’re always happy to create bespoke quotes for you.

Don’t be afraid to ask!

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No? How about a full day then? Photo, film, pre-wedding shoots, albums, we have it all!






Choosing to book us as a team to photograph your wedding means you get two nuanced, artistic takes on the moments that made the day so full of magic. Twice the Mays = twice the fun.

What you get:

Two Mays photographing your day in their signature style

Full day coverage

900+ fully edited images to relive your wedding in all its epicness

One of our exquisitely made wedding ALBUMS, so you can display your heirloom wedding photos in style, and be transported back to the emotions of the day every time you look at them

Complimentary PRE-WEDDING SHOOT as a part of the experience!




For those couples who like to keep things simple. No fuss, no frills, just fabulous photos and film.

What you get:

Two Mays photographing and filming your day

Full day coverage

Around 700 fully edited images to relive your wedding in all its epicness

One of our exquisitely made wedding ALBUMS, so you can display your heirloom wedding photos in style, and be transported back to the emotions of the day every time you look at them

A creative short FILM of video highlights, 5 minutes (these are such fun, and always provoke a rollercoaster of emotions)

Complimentary PRE-WEDDING SHOOT as a part of the experience!


more bespoke (bigger or smaller) options available!


If you’d rather build your own package, then all power to you. Here’s some more information about the extras you can add.


Turn your gallery of images into a true family heirloom.

We’ve worked hard to source albums that are seriously high quality, and my goodness the ones we’ve gone for are tactile, textured things of beauty.

Plus, there are loads of customisation options so you can really make it your own. Want your names embossed in gold on the cover?

Want hand stitched sumptuous leather that makes you feel like you should be in Sherlock Holmes’ study?

Want your cover pink, or sapphire, or lime green? We. Can. Do. It!


We could wax lyrical about the benefits of a pre-wedding shoot for ages, but we’ll try and keep things short and sweet here. A pre-wed shoot with us is ace because:

1: It gives you the chance to meet us and have a giggle, so that by the time your wedding day rolls around we’ll be like old friends.

2: You can get good and comfy in front of the camera, so that you’ll be a pair of pros at…well…ignoring us on your big day!

3: You get a selection of awesome professional pictures with our signature magic touch that show the two of you larking about and being yourselves as you normally are, when you’re not dolled up to the nines. Gotta love that real life love story realness.


Make your memories come to life with one of our fresh and fun videos.

We LOVE shooting video as well as stills, and trust us, being able to add some of the sounds and
movements of your wedding to the way its captured packs such an emotional punch when you sit down to watch it.

Have a looksee at a couple of examples here to see just what we mean. We guarantee you’ll be smiling fit to burst.

How are those excitement levels doing? Ready to take it to the next level?


and let’s hear all about those wedding plans of yours.