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and we’re so proud of it!

If you’re looking for your perfect wedding photographer, you will notice that some photographers mention wedding photography awards on their websites. Since April 2018 we also belong to this crazy bunch of awesome creatives. We are award winning photographers and we are very proud of it. But what does this really mean?

The importance of awards

Why wedding photography awards are important? Well, first of all, not all awards are equal and some mean a lot more than others. All our awards, apart from The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA), are international. It means that in order to win we have to compete not only with our local photographers but also with photographers based everywhere else in the World. And that’s huge because there is just so much talent out there! And this talent also partly appeared because of the awards.

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In the past being a photographer wasn’t very special. People hired photographers to take a few group pictures at their wedding and that was it. Usually that photographer also had a studio where he would take regular portraits of people, pets, objects and wedding photography was just another job to him. The last couple of years have totally changed the perception of wedding photography.

Photography – personal choice

Now couples look for someone who matches their style. Wedding photography now is a REALLY PERSONAL CHOICE. And couples can finally pick the best photographer for them. That choice is made based on emotions, gut feeling, photographic style, price of course, and yes… more and more often it is also based on the candidates being or not being award winning photographers.

There is just so many wedding photographers out there, so the additional box (award winning photographers) to be ticked is not surprising at all.

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Why is being award winning photographers so important?


As soon as you win this first international award you get this instant confirmation that your photography is at the top quality level. This means everything, because it builds your confidence and you create and experiment more. And that’s great for your couples because they get unique and more creative images.

Hard work

Some wedding photography awards are just so difficult to win. Photographers have to work super hard to create something unique. We personally find This is Reportage and Fearless Photographers awards the most difficult ones to win. So when couples hire an award winning photographer, they know that he or she will be working very hard to get the best pictures.


Our couples know that we are THE BEST AND SAFEST CHOICE. If you were looking for someone to document one of the most amazing days of your life, would you choose someone cheaper or someone more creative and hard working? It’s kind of like choosing holidays – would you go for cheaper holidays or for safer holidays? To us being award winning photographers is like having a certificate of quality.

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Where do our awards come from?


Award winning photographers

They are showcasing the very best in documentary wedding photography: Nothing staged, no poses, just pure, natural images taken by some of the World’s very best photographers. There are two different awards:  Reportage Awards are for fantastic individual captures, with just the top 4% of submissions becoming awarded. They also have our Story Awards, which are for a series of 15 – 20 images, all from a single wedding, and it was also incredibly tough to attain one of these, with just the top 6% of submissions awarded.

Our reportage awards:

TiR reportage award winning photographers

Our story awards:

TIR story award winning photographers


Award winning photographers

They bring together fearless couples and passionate professional photographers from around the World. Every two months, a panel of expert curators selects the very best wedding photos (about 2 out of every 100 submissions!) as Fearless Awards.

award winning photographers Fearless


Award winning photographers

The Masters is a competition for the best wedding photography in the UK and Ireland. An international jury presents new awards to the best, most exceptional and innovative wedding photos every three months.

award winning photographers masters


Award winning photographers

TWIA is the only regional and national client voted awards in the wedding industry. It was set up to recognize excellent wedding suppliers and to help anyone organizing a wedding find the best suppliers.

award winning photographers TWIA


Award winning photographers

This prestigious list recognizes and honors innovative wedding photographers from around the World. You can’t just apply to take part in this competition, you have to be nominated. Once a photographer gets nominated, they put together a submission of 30 images that represent their signature as a wedding photographer. These emerging photographers show promise in taking the aesthetics of wedding photography to new places. Visionaries today, they are the educators and mentors of the future. In 2019 we were nominated and shortlisted which is a HUGE honour!

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Marta May Photography aka THE MAYS

Award winning photographers


YEAR 2018

Fearless Photographers

11th April 2018 – we can finally confirm that we are award winning photographers. Big thanks go to the curators of the 42nd collection of Fearless Awards. Fearless Photographers showcase stunning wedding photos that excel in redefining wedding photography or are just too amazing and the curators are very selective.

One of our dreams for 2018 was to win two Fearless Awards and we have just done it! Year 2018 has brought us 5 FEARLESS AWARDS in total (3 more than we dreamed of!) and we were in TOP 40 FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS WORLDWIDE and also THE BEST UK FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS IN 2018

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Masters of Wedding Photography

In 2018 we have also received two awards from Masters of Wedding Photography, winners Masters Round 7 2018. This is a competition for the best wedding photography in the UK and Ireland.

You can also find us in the Second Collection of “This Is Reportage” awards. Moments come and go in an instant and “This Is Reportage” celebrates those wedding photographers who excel at capturing those moments. They showcase the very best in documentary wedding photography. Nothing staged, just pure natural images taken by some of the World’s very best photographers.

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This is Reportage

Their awards are really unique. In December 2018 we were in the group of TOP 30 THIS IS REPORTAGE PHOTOGRAPHERS


In 2018 we were also Regional Highly Commended West Midlands award winning wedding photographers 2018. This accolade has been awarded by The Wedding Industry Awards and means so much to us. Why? Because it was given to us not only by the judges but also by our clients. Being Regional Highly Commended Wedding Photographers means that our clients are really happy with our work which is the best award a wedding photographer could ever get.

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YEAR 2019

In 2019 we won some more Fearless and This is Reportage awards. We got nominated to take part in RANGEFINDER’s 30 RISING STARS contest. We were also voted a TWIA REGIONAL WINNER West Midlands which means we were among 8 BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN ENGLAND

In November 2019, for the first time in our career, we were THE JUDGES. We judged Collection 12 of This is Reportage, which was an amazing experience and HUGE honour for us because the work submitted there is always so incredible and… REAL, UNPOSED, NOTHING STAGED! We LOVE it!

YEAR 2020

We’ve won more This is Reportage and Story awards and we are also  Fearless Photographers’ TOP 10 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE UK and this is only the beginning of 2020.

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Of course it is nice to be award winning photographers but we worked really hard to get them. We really believe our couples will treat those awards as some form of certification, a proof that we are creative, represent the best wedding photography (worldwide) and work super hard to get the best wedding images for them. Dear UK – you no longer have to import best wedding photographers from other parts of the World – you have some of the best ones right here :-)



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