Experience the power of a wedding album

We are wedding photographers based in Hereford, UK. Some of our most popular wedding photography packages include a wedding album. 90% of our awesome couples work with us to create unique and bespoke albums.

Wedding album – your visual legacy

If you think about it – a wedding album is the only thing with its value increasing with time. Your flowers will wither, wine and food will be gone and your white wedding dress will turn beige. The only thing left will be your memories. How are you planning to share those memories with your kids and grandchildren? Here is just a short slideshow featuring our stunning wedding albums, have a look:

Digital only package

I know it is tempting to choose a simple USB wedding photography package with no additions, such as a wedding album. If you opt to do that, it is of course possible and we can tailor our packages to meet your requirements. However, as wedding photographers, we think you should know this.

Wedding album producers

If you are planning to order a wedding album online, make sure you choose a good album producer. The ones we chose are amazing and we really trust them. And we love our wedding albums! The quality of the print, colour, the type of binding and covers is just perfect!

wedding album Marta May Photography

Images on USB

It might also happen that you will put your USB in the drawer, a couple of years will pass and you won’t have any printed images from your wedding day. There is a risk of losing digital data, you never know what might happen. And ove the years we had couples coming back to us saying that they lost their digital images because their laptop died and they didn’t print any of their wedding pictures at all.

That’s why we always archive your images, they are safe somewhere on our discs and in our online galleries. So if this happens to you – make sure you get in touch with us or simply log on to your gallery and download them again. But there is one more problem – nobody looks at digital photos on USB, nobody remembers them, they have been forgotten and most probably, they will never be printed.

visual legacy

Wedding albums are real

Looking at the digital files is easy but touching the print is a completely different experience. It is like reading books. I can touch them – they are good for my eyes and for my soul. I don’t think I will ever get used to reading online. For some reason I just cannot focus properly and there is always something that distracts me. Books are different and the same rule applies to wedding albums. They are so much better than their digital versions.

A great example – must see!

I have come across this brilliant ad of IKEA catalogue and it made me laugh. Take a look at this link – Experience the Power of a Bookbook – it just shows the difference between digital catalogue and the actual printed book. So funny too!

Get in touch with us

We love our wedding albums. Our most popular packages include them. If you want to find out more about how our albums look and feel like, get in touch with us. We can show them to you during our Zoom chat, but a real chat would be so much better! You could see, smell and touch the cover samples, see the different paper options. Plus we make great tea and coffee – and there are always some delicious cookies or a cake around!

Real meeting vs Zoom, real print vs digital album – which option do you pick?

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