Wedding photography prices are a really interesting subject. Why? Because they are so different and for many various reasons. According to the recent survey by YPWP the average cost of wedding photography in 2018 is £1480. The results vary depending on the region and on how experienced the photographers are. The difference in price, sometimes ranging from £600 to £10000 for the full day must be really confusing for the new brides and grooms to be.

wedding photography prices

Why wedding photography prices are so different?

Experience is the most important factor. A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about why wedding photography is so expensive and it must have upset some of my colleagues. I said that I wouldn’t risk hiring a photographer who charges less than £1000 for the full day. Well… now they charge more. Why? Because they are good, a lot more experienced and their clients want their photography style. Experience is key.

wedding photography pricesSo why are some photographers still more expensive than others?

My answer would be… why are Jimmy Choos more expensive than other bridal shoes? Why do good music bands charge more than the others? Why good, award winning wedding florists charge a lot more than your florist on the corner? Because they know their craft, they know they do it really well and they know how much their knowledge and experience is worth. Same with wedding photographers. It is really up to the photographer to set the price themselves. Well established, full time wedding photographers will charge more than the ones just starting out. They have photographed weddings in different light conditions, they keep observing, thinking and they anticipate what may happen next. This comes with experience. Add creativity, quality of service and the finished product, talent and skills – and you will know why some photographers charge a lot more than the national average of £1480.


wedding photography pricesBut really? Why pay so much for just 10-12 hours of ‘clicking’?

Wedding photography is a strange profession. Still too many people think that wedding photographers party all the time. I mean, how difficult it is to just ‘click’ the button? Well…

  • first of all, it takes years of practicing and training with the best wedding photographers in the world to be able to click the button this particular way,
  • secondly and most importantly – just look at the survey results. It turns out that only 10% of time is spent on taking pictures. The ‘invisible’ 90% is photo editing, communication and business admin.

Wedding photography is a full time job. Exciting and exhausting at the same time. If you are interested in our wedding photography prices, please get in touch. Our prices reflect our experience, expertise and skill which directly translates onto visual results we achieve at every single wedding, without exception. They have been calculated based on hours of work we put into each assignment and we couldn’t be more confident about them – we’re worth every penny.