The magic of beautiful winter weddings is undeniable. Christmas time followed by the brand new year always brings warm feelings, love and happiness. It does not matter that the weather is rather unpredictable and cold, because the feelings will always remain positive. This year we were lucky enough to capture a white wedding and soon I will add the selection of photos for you to see HERE. I cannot wait! What a beautiful white foggy wedding day! The bride and her friends were amazing – they agreed to go outside in their dressing gowns. Thank you so much girls! I can only imagine how cold you felt but it was worth it.

Because the days are very short and the daylight doesn’t last long, you have to plan your professional wedding pictures really well. The best time for the ceremony would be around noon, just to give you enough time for the more formal pictures. Of course it is possible to take those pictures later, but sometimes the daylight is just so beautiful. It would be a shame not to use it. Of course the twilight pictures and images with the sparklers are amazing, but winter days are stunning too! Especially when there is fog and the frost let alone the snow… Even if there is no snow, frost and fog, the winter light is magical. The sun is low on the sky and you don’t have to worry about squinting. When we photograph summer weddings we sometimes miss the winter darkness.

I really cannot wait to share these wedding images with you, so please stay tuned. We cannot wait to photograph more beautiful winter weddings so please get in touch if you are planning one. Here are some examples of January and March weddings, we hope you will enjoy those photographs.