Hello and welcome to my 52 week photography challenge. I thought it would be good to do something different this year and then I found the DOGWOOD PHOTOGRAPHY website. However, I’ve decided to change the challenge slightly because of… our kids, Gabi (5) and Tim (3). I thought they should take part in some of it too. The other problem I have is the time, or rather the lack of it. In the past I have tried 365 day photo challenges but I would always finish them at very early stages… So I have decided to publish this challenge’s photos once a month.

What was the first month about?

Portrait: Self portrait and a Headshot – I didn’t do my own portrait, sort of, maybe I will have more courage in December but I did a couple of portraits (a note to myself: create your own portrait!)

Landscape: Traditional landscape – This was one of my favorite challenges because it means being out and about with my camera! I also love Gabi’s landscapes. I didn’t tell her any of the rules, but she nailed it! She instinctively used the rule of thirds too!

Artistic: Red – What a great challenge and such a magical color! Very noticeable. So instead of planning, I went outside… and it was there, so easy to find… No wonder the Post Office uses it!

Story: Rule of Thirds and Mirror – I try to use the rule of thirds in every photo, even in portraits. Mirrors are amazing too – and you can find them everywhere. Just look at your bathroom and your iphone. Even a puddle can work as a mirror.

Technical: SOOC – straight out of the camera.

Artistic: Land – land, landscape, rule of thirds…

See you soon! Get involved and create your own 52 week photography challenge! I will come back to my challenge soon. Meanwhile I’ve decided to focus on a wedding photography training. There is always something to improve and if we don’t try, we won’t be better photographers.