The Engagement Shoot – what is it?

Engagement shoot – what is it?

It’s good for your wedding photography

As wedding photographers we often photograph engagement shoots or pre-wedding shoots. Both are the same thing. In wedding photography one of the most important things is getting to know our couples. Our couples also should get to know us better. That’s the whole idea of the pre-wedding shoot – to achieve better wedding photography.

What’s the point of the engagement shoot?

At this time of the year, before the new wedding season kick starts again, we tend to organise the engagement shoots. Many couples ask me… ‘what do you mean by the engagement shoot, we’re already engaged?!?… This is just something that helps you prepare for your wedding day… and it doesn’t last long (about 45min-an hour).

Basically this photo shoot is about practicing, chatting, getting to know your wedding photographer. Everyone who’s had the pre-wedding shoot is much more relaxed on their wedding day… because they know they don’t have to worry about their photographer. Plus you will also get some lovely images that capture you as future Mr&Mrs. We love photographing those shoots.

Engagement shoot location

Our most popular location for the engagement shoot is Queenswood Park, Herefordshire, but it can be anywhere – and your ideas are most welcome. Sunset on the beach, sunrise in the mountains, beautiful lakes – why not? Here’s just a selection of our favourite engagement pictures from 2015, have a look:

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The engagement shoot – is it useful?

From my experience I can say that it is really useful to have the pre-wedding shoot and practice before your wedding day. We have photographed the couples who had this type of shoot before their wedding day and those who did not and we can tell the difference.

Of course you don’t need it and you will survive without it but there is a chance you might look tense on your wedding pictures. If you decide to have the engagement shoot, you will feel a lot more relaxed during your wedding shoot. It is all about having and not having that experience. Trust me, pre-wedding shoots are fun and so useful!

Contact your wedding photographers

Get in touch with us, maybe you’ve already booked us as your wedding photographers? Let’s chat about your pre-wedding shoot. If you haven’t booked your photographers yet, let’s chat, maybe we will be your photographers?

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