So I’ve finally managed to publish Marta May Photography testimonials 2016! I am moving at a supersonic speed, it only took me two years to publish what our 2016 clients thought about us and our photography. We got nominated by our clients in The Wedding Industry Awards 2017 and we got shortlisted. What we really love about TWIA is the fact that our clients can vote. Reading all their comments at once was really overwhelming!

Marta May Photography testimonials 2016


We find it really difficult to publish what others think about us, our photography and services. That’s why we keep all those lovely thank you cards to ourselves. On the other hand we are super proud of the fact that our clients appreciate our creativity and hard work. So here it is… the whole set of the amazing 2016 testimonials. It is so great to discover various things about ourselves. Apparently we are really warm and friendly, we seem to get along with the wedding guests which is really cool to know. We believe that a great pictures happen when we are a part of the group, enjoying the wedding day with them. Being a grumpy, serious and bossy photographer never helps. We don’t want to hide in the bushes, we want to be just where the action is. In the end it is all about the best memories for the couple! More on ‘how we do it’ can be found on the amazing This is Reportage website, have a look. And of course feel free to take a look at the testimonials below (if you really want to and have the time to do it).

Wow! If you reached this far, we are really impressed! There were so many Marta May Photography testimonials 2016 so f you need more, here are the 2015 ones. Kind words 2015 part one and Kind words 2015 part two. Take a look at our 2017 clients’ comments, this one just can’t be missed.