Herefordshire Hindu Wedding

About the photographers

We have been photographing weddings since 2012 and we’re loving it. Being based in Hereford allows us to photograph many amazing weddings here. This Herefordshire Hindu wedding at Lyde Court was no exception.

This was the first time ever we have photographed a Hindu wedding and it was quite an experience.

Our photographic style

Our style of photography is natural and relaxed with a small number of portraits. Please take a look at our portfolio. Also, here is the slideshow featuring some of our recent weddings at Lyde Court, enjoy:


Real Herefordshire Hindu wedding

This Herefordshire Hindu wedding happened on a rainy English summer day but the rain did not spoil everybody’s excellent moods. Just look at how happy our bride Asha was.

The ceremony was beautiful, a true ritual binding the two souls together. It included the games and laughter too – everybody enjoyed it. We watched everything with our eyes, ears and souls wide open. You just couldn’t do it any different way.

When the bride was entering the barn and walking down the aisle, I had goose bumps. The music was so magical and the bride looked like a princess. I have always wanted to travel and learn about different cultures.

I have found my place in Herefordshire and I am experiencing amazing cultures here. A taste of India with beautiful feelings and colors. Such a special and magical ceremony with lots of meaningful little moments to photograph.

Lyde Court – Hereford wedding venue

Lyde Court is a great Herefordshire wedding venue. We have photographed so many weddings here but every wedding was different. We have noticed that many of our favorite Lyde Court weddings happened on a rainy day. Take Sam & Matt’s wedding for instance – 100% rain and the most beautiful double rainbow at the end.

Natalie and David’s wedding wasn’t rainy at all but it was really windy. Here’s the sunny wedding at Lyde Court – check Sophie and Richard’s wedding out, it was amazing!

Lyde Court wedding photography


We have photographed many incredible weddings at Lyde Court so if you are getting married there, please get in touch with us. If you are planning your Herefordshire Hindu wedding, let us know because we would love to photograph your wedding day.