Sophie and Richard got married at Lyde Court, Hereford, West Midlands. I loved Sophie’s bridal preparations because from the start she enjoyed every minute of them. Everything was perfectly planned and she also had her best friends with her. Usually, when people imagine the morning preparations, happiness, laughter, joy and having a great time is probably the last thing that comes to their minds. If you plan it well, you can have the best time ever and that will also influence the way you look on the day. This is the main purpose of the wedding morning – the bride has to look stunning. Sophie looked amazing!

This wedding morning was so fantastic, that I’ve decided to write a separate blog post about it. Have a look if you’re interested, follow this link: Bridal preparations – your wedding morning. If you want to feel fantastic all day long, you have to plan a perfect morning. This is such an important part of the day that influences everything that happens afterwards. I remember the moment just before Sophie arrived at Lyde Court, Hereford. I was waiting there for her and checking my Instagram where I saw Sophie’s picture. She was driving with her sister in the car with no roof. Her hair was ‘flying’ everywhere – she was so happy, she must have been waiting for that wedding morning moment for a long time and dreaming about it. I will never forget how happy she was.