Natalie and David got married in Lyde Court, Herefordshire, West Midlands. Marta and Artur – the Lyde Court Wedding Photographers were lucky enough to photograph that wedding day. Wow – what an amazing day it was, filled with so many positive emotions. Natalie and David have many friends and they knew exactly how to keep them entertained. For many couples this is one of the biggest worries before the wedding. Will my guests be happy, what will their memories be, will they remember our wedding well? I’m sure Nat and Dave’s guests will remember this wedding and they will be talking about it forever.

First of all, when you look at Natalie – you will have to agree that such a beautiful bride is impossible to forget – and she had not just one wedding gown – she had two! Secondly – just look at the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen – it is impressive. But I also wanted to write a bit more about the entertainment. I’m sure none of the guests would even think of saying ‘we were bored’. That was just impossible. There were three different types of music throughout the whole day:

  • the band playing the guitars during the ceremony and until the guests sat for their meal
  • ELVIS as a surprise for everybody. Trust me – nobody could sit by the table when Elvis was singing! Physically impossible!
  • evening band with not just one but with two brilliant singers!

On top of all that, Natalie and Dave also had the bucking bronco and our photo booth! The list of wedding suppliers was amazing too – the White Minx dresses; the Hibiscus Room florist; Perkins and Strong Videographers; Jennifer’s Dressing Table and many many more. And just look at Natalie’s veil – so beautiful! We just adore long veils and we will never stop. Ah what a beautiful day!