Rainy wedding day? Don’t worry!

Rainy wedding day

West Midlands wedding photographers

Hello! We are wedding photographers based in Hereford, West Midlands and in our career we have photographed a few rainy wedding days. And they were incredible! We love using rain in a creative way, it looks beautiful on wedding pictures. What do you think about a rainy wedding day? Here’s one, have a look:

Don’t worry about rain!

Many brides worry too much about the possibility of their rainy wedding day. My advice is – please don’t worry. If it rains, it rains, there is nothing you can do, so you might as well make the most out of this situation. Instead of checking the weather forecast every day before your wedding, and trying to predict what’s going to happen, just prepare for the worst possibility. If it doesn’t rain you will be over the moon but if it rains – you will be ready.

How to prepare for a rainy wedding day?

Get your wellies and umbrellas ready

You might also think of some matching umbrellas for your bridesmaids. I really love the translucent ones – so perfect for some creative wedding pictures in the rain and so romantic!

Trust your photographer

There are some amazing ways of capturing the beauty of the rain on your wedding day – so you might end up with some truly beautiful and uniqur images like the main image in this blog post, taken in the real rain… at night!

Herefordshire wedding photographers Brinsop Court rain

Be flexible with time

Would you be willing to have a short photo shoot break during the reception? Happy to play? That cheesecake might wait ten minutes, right? Sometimes the evening sky after the rainy day might be really beautiful – you just have to have this picture in the collection of your wedding imagesn trust us.

Think of an alternative location

If you’re thinking about the group pictures in front of the church – maybe having them in the church or a bit later at the venue could help to achieve better results? Try to be open to different options – besides, your guests might not want to get wet during group wedding pictures.

Last but not least

Some people say: ”it can only rain for good luck on your wedding day”. Maybe it is good luck, maybe not – but definitely rain on your wedding day will look and feel romantic!

Embrace your rainy wedding day

Embrace it – don’t worry if it rains on your wedding day – it will still be the best day of your life! Just look at Sam & Matt’s wedding at Lyde Court – they had the rainiest wedding day we have ever experienced. They also had the most amazing double rainbow, so even the most rainy days can bring the best surprises.

My advice is – have no expectations and just assume it’s going to rain. Because if it doesn’t – the good weather will be a bonus. If you want to see more dramatic skies on a wedding day, take a look at Kirsten & Rob’s wedding day at Oldwalls Gower in Wales.

Rainy Lyde Court wedding

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