DEER PARK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY – 3 beautiful examples

Deer Park wedding photographers

We are Marta and Artur, award winning wedding photographers and we just love a good wedding at Deer Park. Deer Park wedding photography is amazing because of the views and weddings at this venue are a perfect choice if you want to celebrate in style, with friends and family and surrounded by nature. You can actually see the Malvern Hills from here, what a spectacular place for photography. The sunsets always look stunning here.

the majestic deer at deer park looking at the sunset, Malvern Hills in the background

It is a unique Cotswold venue set in 1400 acres of beautiful Pershore countryside. It’s conveniently located in the heart of England with easy motorway access and plenty of parking. The venue offers lovely gardens with fire-pits and two lovely rustic Pavilions. The grounds offer picture-perfect views, where Red & Fallow Deer wander freely, and the Stag Oak Vineyard, where they produce award-winning wines.

just married couple standing in the vineyard at Deer Park just before the sunset

Deer Park Hall must be one of the most popular Worcestershire venues because it lets you escape the noise of the city. It lets you celebrate and contemplate love. We have photographed many beautiful celebrations at this fantastic venue and we thought it would be good to show you how Deer Park weddings look like.

For this reason we’ve chosen those three slideshows and we’ve also described how a typical wedding day at Deer Park Hall looks like – so take a look at the photos and imagine how your day might look like…




The Grounds at Deer Park

As you stroll into Deer Park through the Cotswold stone and redbrick arch, you’ll pass by the Italian garden with cozy seating under the olive trees for sipping cocktails. Keep going past the rose bushes and you’ll find yourself in the Lavender Garden, where you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the vineyard and Deer Park. This spot is just perfect for capturing sunset shots and enjoying fireworks in the evening.

golden hour at Deer Park, fire dancer performing and wedding guests watching

Once you step inside the hall, you’ll come out onto the spacious terraced lawns, surrounded by the beautiful countryside. The natural charm of Deer Park Hall is complemented by these carefully designed gardens, making it a top choice for outdoor ceremonies, photos, snacks, and reception drinks.

A few words about The Hill

Deer park’s traditional farm with a mix of crops and animals has been in the family for three generations. The farm stretches from Bredon Hill down to the River Avon and has some of the best views in England, looking out to the Malvern Hills. And don’t miss the vineyard next to the fields with a Woodhenge, Roman Fort, and Bronze age settlements. It’s a real hidden gem with so much beauty and history, just grab all your lenses, tripods, filters and a camera and go exploring!

bride and groom during sunset standing in front of deers, Malvern Hills in the background


Getting ready – the bride

I always love photographing the father of the bride’s reaction, when he sees her in the wedding dress for the first time. I really think you can feel the father-daughter loving relationship in the images below.

Getting ready – the groom

Our grooms have chosen to get ready at the local B&Bs. One of them was The Bell in Eckington, Pershore. The other pub was called the Rose & Crown in Feckenham, Redditch.


You can choose to get married in a local church or opt for a civil ceremony. Deer Park wedding photography looks stunning both at the venue and in church.


As photographers, we lucked out with the cloudy weather during that ceremony! When it’s super sunny, it’s a real challenge to get the exposure just right for both the bright outdoor areas and the shaded spots.

One thing we love about shooting weddings at Deer Park is that during an outdoor ceremony, the bridesmaids and bride get to walk around 60 meters from the Bredon Room to the ceremony spot, which looks amazing on pictures.

CIVIL CEREMONY in the Panelled Hall

Deer Park’s Oak Panelled Hall is an amazing spot for indoor Civil Ceremonies, reception drinks and dancing the night away. The traditional decor features a cool chandelier, stag antlers & a roaring open fire, making it the perfect spot for reception drinks in the cooler months. Fairy lights and candles in every window make the whole place sparkle. The wooden floor is perfect for dancing the night away with your guests. But let’s get back to wedding ceremonies in the hall…


Our couple got married at St John The Baptist Church in Feckenham, Redditch but there are many more stunning local churches not far from Deer Park Hall.


Let’s get the party started! Who doesn’t love the confetti moment, it’s so much fun! If you choose to have a civil ceremony at Deer Park Hall – there are a few places that you can use for confetti photos and all of the options look great!

just married couple enjoying the confetti moment at Deer Park, confetti in their hair

During this wedding, right before the bride, groom, and their crew headed into the Bredon Room for their feast, we had a confetti toss followed by a meet and greet. The confetti pics were snapped right before a big group photo of all the guests. We went upstairs to Deer Park’s conference room to capture this shot, giving us a bird’s-eye view of the guests.

Reception drinks and garden games at Deer Park

Imagine all the stress gone and now you can just celebrate and enjoy the happiest day of your lives. That’s why we don’t rush anything. This should be the time of the first drinks, hugs and canapes.

bridesmaids smiling and running to hug the bride

Right after the ceremony is over, that’s our absolute favorite time to take some photos. Everyone’s super happy, and all the guests gather around the newlyweds to wish them the best for their married life. There’s just so much love and emotion in the air, with hugs, smiles, and genuine feelings all around.

The guests just kick back and have a great time in their own way. What do you think about the space hoppers? We love photographing them!

The group pictures

Okay, it’s time for the group pictures. We will chat about them before your day and on the day the whole process will be very quick. We know you need some group pictures but we also want for everybody to have the best time – and we’ll find that balance! Promise!

bride and bridesmaids standing in front of a willow tree at Deer Park

Deer Park has an amazing spot for smaller group photos, and just a few steps away, there’s the Lower Terrace – a cool hidden space with a little stream, mini waterfall, and a well. You can chill in the heated pavilion that seats up to 12 and enjoy the sound of running water and bird song. Plus, there’s an outdoor deck with sofas, a fire pit, and a wooden pergola covered in fairy lights, honeysuckle, and an old grape vine.

Wedding breakfast and the speeches

The Bredon Room is such a gorgeous spot for a reception, with its amazing oak beams, glass wall boasting panoramic views of the Deer Park, Stag Oak Vineyard & the Malvern Hills.

Super important: The Rut Bar is right in the Bredon Room, so everyone can grab their favorite drinks during the reception.

deer park hall the reception room, bright and decorated

Wedding decor hack: The Bredon Room at Deer park rocks dark wood flooring, natural oak beams, and off-white walls. With the room’s contrasting colors, you can keep the decorations and table centrepieces simple – less is more!

We don’t usually take photos of people eating – not a great look for anyone, and the guests need a breather from me! But once the feast is gone, we’ll come back to photograph the bride and groom hanging out with their pals.

bride and groom smiling and chatting during the wedding breakfast

Time for the speeches! Unforgettable emotional, happy and fun moments. We photographed tears, laughter and all the emotions in between.


Deer Park wedding photography is so unique because there are so many stunning backdrops to choose from. Of course we have the deer, the beautiful sunsets but also the stunning garden and truly lovely landscapes. We tend to have 2 rounds of pictures, but don’t worry, they never last long.

The first one happens just after the group pictures have been taken and the second one is obviously the golden hour. I mean, Deer Park Hall has the most amazing views, so perfect for photography! Sometimes we’ll also have the third shoot in the twilight but it all depends on the couple and if they want those pictures, really.

The best GUESTBOOK idea – made at Deer Park vineyards!

Did you know that back in 2016, the first vine was planted at Deer Park? The vines that provide all the grapes for the wines are spread across three different areas on Bredon Hill. The first plot is near the farm buildings, with loamy soil over limestone, enjoying plenty of natural sunlight just 50m above sea level.

The second vineyard is located on a steep south-facing slope, welcoming you as you arrive at the lovely village of Great Comberton. All the vineyards benefit from the Cotswold limestone mixed soils, giving the wines a rich, flavorful taste.

unique wedding guest book at Deer Park - in the form of wine bottles to be opened at their wedding anniversaries
wedding guest signing a wine champagne bottle

Cake cutting and the first dance

Hey, the evening guests are showing up, so let’s kick off the evening bash! It’s cake cutting time, followed by the first dance in the Panelled Hall next door. The lighting set a great mood, both in the photos and in the room as the couple danced. I especially love the shots of the bride’s parents dancing and the black and white photos of the guests having the best time.

bride and groom doing their first dance and guests watching at Deer Park

The dance floor!

Deer Park Hall is so amazing because there is so much space on the dance floor – and your guests WILL use it, trust me!

groom dancing with his friends at Deer Park, neon sign on the wall


Towards the end of the evening you can have sparklers, fire dancers, champagne picture at night and those beautiful twilight photos. For these images we used a tripod, and a set a long exposure in the camera in order to capture the movement of the light, and used the off-camera flashes to light the bride and groom.

Wedding photography at Deer Park Hall, Eckington

We really love how the light filters through Deer park’s bushes and hedges in the background. The dappled green light looks amazing and adds a nice touch to the image. It also helps blur the background, keeping the focus on the couple. In photography open shade gives a really nice light that’s easy to work with. The dark background separates the bride and groom from the rest of the image, which looks really nice.

bride and groom kissing surrounded by the trees at Deer Park

We positioned the couple positioned in the shade, with the sun hitting them from behind, we always shoot into direct sunlight when we can. The light here was so gentle, just enough to highlight all the details on the bride’s dress without being overpowering.

bride and groom laughing and walking among the grape wines

Deer Park’s beautiful garden was the perfect backdrop, especially with the willow tree in the background. We asked the couple to stand inside the tree’s canopy, and found a spot to shoot through where I could just see them, framing the lens between two bits of foliage.

couple kissing under a willow tree at Deer Park

We managed to capture a few sunset photos on Bredon Hill before the sun disappeared behind the Malvern Hills, and we lost the light. We love how the soft, reddish-golden light seems to wrap around the couples.

a silhouette of a groom holding bride and deer in the background during the golden hour sunset

Later in the evening, the sky turned really dramatic so we placed the bride and groom on a small wall along Deer Park, to be able to capture the stunning silhouettes against the last light of the day.

couple standing under the umbrella in the rain at Deer Park
groom opening the champagne at night and bride cheering

Our first wedding at Deer Park Hall

Can you notice our old editing style (a preset achieved thanks to Photoshop and Lightroom – photo editing software)? Yeah, it was dreamy, but we believe our current presets are just timeless.


If you are planning your wedding at this fantastic venue and still looking for your Deer Park photographer, get in touch with us and let’s chat. We would love to capture those beautiful moments for you.


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