How to get the best confetti photo?

Wedding photographers’ top tips

Many brides would love to have that best confetti photo and that perfect happy moment. Here is a couple of useful tips about confetti photos at weddings. From the photographers’ point of view you have three basic options and all of them give different results on wedding photos.

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They are beautiful and expensive but because of the weight they don’t flutter about – they fall quickly and the moment is gone. However, some venues only allow this option


They seem to be very popular. Because of their size and colour they disappear in the background plus on a hot day they might get quite sticky and messy. Just as rice confetti gets really sticky on a wet day. If you are planning to use dried petals – the bigger and the brighter, the better! Honestly, don’t choose really tiny ones. Shropshire Petals are great, check them out!

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The biodegradable paper confetti is amazing and the bigger and brighter the better. You can get it in different colours and shapes and it will look beautiful fluttering about.


Of course you can also go for confetti cannons or bubbles or choose not to do it at all. Try not to choose artificial confetti. We’ve heard one story about a bride who had to be taken to hospital on her wedding day. The plastic confetti from the cannon ended up in her eye.

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Best confetti photo – our verdict

We really like the biodegradable bright paper confetti or a mixture of paper and dried flowers To get that best confetti photo you need a lot of confetti. What else can we tell you as wedding photographers?

A lot of confetti

Make sure you provide loads for your guests, that really increases the chance for a beautiful wedding picture

Confetti cones

Put confetti in the baskets not cones and ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to hand it out to your guests. They should do it just before the shoot. If your wedding day is going to be hot, use the cones. They protect the confetti from the sweaty hands.

Trust your wedding photographer

They will look at the light and the contrasts and find the best possible place to create the best confetti photo for you.

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General advice

When you’re planning this shoot, either rely on your photographer or think about where the light is and about the best possible places for confetti throwing. Sometimes trying to kill two birds with one stone doesn’t work. Really think about the light, the contrasts and the background. Here are two examples.

Distracting background

One of our couples really wanted the lychgate in the background because of the beautiful floral decorations they made. The confetti was almost invisible on that background.

Dark confetti on a dark background

Another couple really wanted the navy blue dried flowers on the dark background including the stairs, again – the petals were almost invisible.

Facing the sun

Both places were in the direct light which also made the couples squint. These are the things you really have to consider when planning your confetti moment. Or you can let your wedding photographer help you.

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  1. Marta, I am loving this blog plus all of the others. Your information is so helpful and your photos along the way are just magical. I really enjoyed reading this – some great tips plus the blog on ‘group photos’ xx

  2. Hello Marta, this blog popped up on my FB and it hit home that this is so yes. Easy but simple advice for future Bride and Grooms and photographers! I hope you don’t mind for me to share your blog on my FB page? Well done, and we love your confetti shots!
    Regards Barry & Liz

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