Jocelyn and Ben got married at Lyde Court, Hereford, West Midlands. It was a very emotional day for many people – the morning and the ceremony was filled with emotions. Jocelyn and Ben are a fantastic couple, so happy together, real soulmates. They also work together just like me and Artur, the Lyde Court wedding photographer, so there must be something special about their relationship that makes that all possible. Jocelyn is so delicate – I could see tears in her beautiful brown eyes a number of times. When she met her dad on her wedding morning, when she saw her mum’s eyes full of tears as she was walking down the aisle. She also couldn’t stop tears when looking at Ben and that was until they were announced a husband and wife. Then she smiled. Ben got her emotional at least one more time during their wedding day when he was doing his speech. What a lovely couple!

If you are looking for Lyde Court wedding photographer, please get in touch. We have photographed many weddings there and would love to come back there again. This venue offers so much to and you can do so many different things there. The wedding photography backdrops are amazing too. Beautiful sunsets, stunning fireworks, amazing garden and many more. The so called white room is a separate story – we love it so much. White walls, white wooden floor and so much space. Amazing!