Hereford – a perfect location to tie the knot!

Tucked away in the lush hills and beautiful countryside of Herefordshire, Hereford is the perfect spot for a fun and relaxed wedding. As Hereford wedding photographers, we know this place like the back of our hands (we actually live here), so we can vouch for all the amazing reasons why this is THE place for couples starting their journey into married life.

Situated in the West Midlands, Hereford has a relaxed vibe that’s a world away from the busy city life. Literally! It feels like you’ve moved back in time! The tranquil surroundings provide a picturesque photo backdrop for couples to say their vows, surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Golden Valley and the majestic Black Mountains which we love. With its greenery and winding rivers (see the gallery below), the landscape creates a timeless setting for a romantic and fun wedding.

How to get here?

For those flying in, Birmingham Airport is the closest one to Hereford, offering easy access to both international and domestic flights. Cardiff and Bristol is not far away too, but Birmingham airport has the best rail connections! But Hereford still feels wonderfully secluded, giving couples and their guests the chance to fully soak up the peaceful countryside atmosphere and forget those mobile phones for a while…

Things to see

One of the top reasons to pick Hereford as a place to get married at is its’ rich history. The city is packed with historical landmarks, like the incredible Hereford Cathedral (we’ve documented a ceremony there too!), known for its medieval architecture and breathtaking stained glass windows. Having a ceremony in this iconic cathedral definitely adds a sense of grandeur and reverence to the occasion, as you can see in this slideshow:

Herefordshire is full of cute little villages and cool historic spots just literally waiting to be explored. From the adorable market town of Ledbury to the ancient ruins of Goodrich Castle, each place has its own special charm and vibe, making it perfect for awesome engagement and wedding photoshoots.

Hereford wedding photographers

Herefordshire has been home to some pretty interesting people and artefacts too. Like the legendary Mappa Mundi, housed in Hereford Cathedral, which is one of the most important medieval maps ever. And then there’s the famous poet and playwright William Langland, who wrote “Piers Plowman” and was inspired by the region’s picturesque landscapes.

Lots of famous folks have lived here, from poets like Elizabeth Barrett Browning to actors like David Garrick. Even today, Herefordshire attracts cool people like musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs. Ellie Goulding was born here and Olly Alexander, UK’s choice for Eurovision, studied music here!

The Herefordshire Landscape by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Hills, vales, woods, netted in a silver mist,
Farm, granges, doubled up among the hills,
And cattle grazing in the watered vales,
And cottage-chimneys smoking from the woods,
And cottage-gardens smelling everywhere,
Confused with smell of orchards.

Let’s chat about the photographers!

Meet THE MAYS, your Hereford-based dynamic duo who are super passionate about freezing moments in time and telling your unique love story through their lens. Hey there! This is us! With over a decade of experience, we’ve been working our magic at awesome couples’ ceremonies since 2012. Yep, we’ve had the honor of documenting more than 400 love-filled celebrations in the Cotswolds, the Midlands and Wales, and each one has left a lasting impression on our hearts.

Our approach

At every wedding, we’re a whirlwind of creativity, capturing around 5000 images and then carefully editing and selecting the best ones, delivering between 600 and 1200 beautifully edited snapshots that perfectly capture the essence of your special day. Crunch the numbers, and you’ll see that’s over ONE AND A HALF MILLION moments frozen in time since we started this amazing journey.

So, what fuels our passion, you ask? It’s simple really – people and their stories. We’re suckers for tales of love and devotion. Every event we photograph, whether it is in Hereford or in the Cotswolds, is a unique story waiting to be told, and it really is a privilege to capture those fleeting moments of joy, laughter, and tears.

What is our signature style?

Think natural reportage photography infused with a generous sprinkle of creativity. We love capturing genuine emotions, authentic laughter, and the subtle nuances of human connection. A couple’s big day is a celebration of love, and we’re there to make sure everybody enjoys every moment, stress-free. We won’t take you away for pictures for longer than it is necessary – we know you love natural pictures and just want to have fun.

Wedding is not a styled shoot! And whether it’s a lively dance floor or a spontaneous burst of laughter, we’ve got you covered. And hey, if there are moments you’d rather keep private (no judgment!), simply keep them hidden in your online gallery, safe from prying eyes. But know we’ll be there to capture those moments for you in the first place!

Lains Barn wedding photography

Let us create for you timeless memories that you’ll cherish forever. With us by your side, you can relax, have a blast, and bask in the joy of your special day, knowing that every precious moment is being photographed with love, care, and a touch of creative flair. Here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever afters! Cheers!

Examples of our work at Hereford venues

Dewsall Court is one of our favorite Hereford wedding venues:

Brinsop Court is another fantastic venue that we LOVE:

These are some of our FEARLESS AWARDS taken at Brinsop:

best wedding photographer
father daughter dance

How good are we with cameras and lenses?

Photographing weddings for over 12 years has given us real experience in mastering camera techniques, settings, rules, and here’s why this is crucial for documenting weddings.

We know our camera inside-out, understanding every dial, button, and menu option. This allows for swift adjustments, so important in the fast-paced environment of a couple’s big day. We understand the significance of sensor size, knowing how it impacts image quality and low-light performance and we’ve mastered exposure too – shutter speed, aperture, and ISO can’t keep a secret from us!

The flexibility RAW files in post-processing helps us preserve maximum detail and dynamic range for our couples. Photography rules like the rule of thirds, leading lines, and symmetry are an integral part of our approach. We instinctively compose shots using that result in visually compelling images.

Years of practice, that started in Hereford, have refined our ability to apply these rules creatively, making our storytelling through imagery really good. We can quickly change between indoor and outdoor camera settings, and keep consistent exposure and image quality throughout the day.

Weddings are emotional events filled with fleeting moments, so knowing our camera allows us to focus on capturing these moments without distraction. We instinctively adjust focus, exposure, and composition to preserve the essence of each moment, making sure timeless memories are captured for the couple. Knowing our camera helps us deliver consistent, high-quality images both in direct sun, in the rain or even at night when we use off camera flash (so useful for those night portraits!).


Pop into our Hereford studio, let’s have a chat about your big day, about you. See if we are the right fit!

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