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I would love to tell you about some of the best Herefordshire wedding venues near me. There is something really special about every single one of them and we love them all. As wedding photographers we have been to many wedding venues.

As Herefordshire wedding photographers we know why so many couples choose to get married here. This is also why we love photographing weddings in Herefordshire.

If I had to choose one word to describe how a Herefordshire wedding FEELS like, it would be ‘relaxed’. There must be something really special hidden in the rolling hills here… The time just flies differently in Herefordshire. All weddings we have photographed here are relaxed.

So, there you go, here’s a selection of the most amazing Herefordshire wedding venues near me…


A romantic English country manor with beautiful gardens and the most spectacular views. Brinsop Court is also one of the top 100 wedding venues in the World! This is probably why we have photographed so many international weddings there. American, Australian, Italian, German, Chinese, Jewish and many more…

We actually don’t have to do destination wedding photography in order to experience various cultures at Brinsop Court. We are also very excited about their brand new Knot Barn which will be available from August 2020. The Knot is an oak barn with a seated capacity of 180 and will be able to host parties for 250 guests! This is BIG! Brinsop Court – one of the most stunning Herefordshire wedding venues near me.


An idyllic and unique wedding destination that offers luxurious escapism and delicious food. And the views are incredible! You can even see the Hay Bluff from here, even better – you can see the sunset over the Hay Bluff. There is something really magical about this wedding venue. Dewsall Court is very special and it feels really homely.

Usually couples and their families stay at Dewsall for a couple of days which is amazing because there is so much you can do there! If you like walking, there is so many stunning public footpaths around. If you prefer to stay inside – just make yourself a cup of tea and sit by the stunning fireplace and read books. Or play snooker! Dewsall Court – one of the most atmospheric Herefordshire wedding venues near me.


A venue where elegance and city chic meets the stunning countryside. No wonder Lemore Manor is the top choice for London couples dreaming about country escapes. We have photographed many weddings at Lemore Manor and all of them were elegant, romantic and to simply put it in one word – perfect. This is no secret, we have been raving about it for ages – Lemore Manor offers probably the best food in Herefordshire.

I just love how their food is presented. There is a reason why people say ‘you eat with your eyes’. One thing you definitely have to see when viewing this stunning Herefordshire wedding venue are its bedrooms and… THE WALLPAPERS! Lemore Manor – one of the most elegant Herefordshire wedding venues near me.


This stunning Herefordshire wedding venue is located very close to the Gloucestershire county border. And the views are just breathtaking! You can see for miles and admire the beautiful views of the Malvern Hills and Cotswolds beyond. We love this beautiful house and their library is just stunning. You have to just stop in the library and enjoy a couple of quiet moments there! Amazing!

But… everywhere you go, you will just love it there. We’ve especially fallen in love with Homme House’s incredible gardens. There is one beautiful area surrounding the summer house. Then all the areas around the house, and a bit further down – the sunken garden! Oh my gosh – this is a hidden gem! And the meadow behind it…. all that just makes us want to keep coming back! Homme House – one of the most romantic Herefordshire wedding venues near me.


This stone barn is one of the most original wedding venues in Herefordshire. And it’s not just the barn that makes this place so special. All the buildings are just truly unique. If you look at the main house, the white room, the bridal suite and everything in between, you’ll know what I mean. Old wooden floors, dried flowers and herbs, unique decorations create a fantastic atmosphere.

No other Herefordshire wedding venue has this super quirky feel. And it gets even better – did you know that they also have THE WITCH’S COTTAGE? It’s tucked away amongst nature’s greenery. I mean, how cool is that? And this gorgeous little house in the woods can be your bridal suite too! Lyde Court – one of the quirkiest Herefordshire wedding venues near me.


If you are planning a fresh and modern barn wedding, this will probably be your best choice. Bredenbury Court is one of Herefordshire’s newest venues and is set within a beautiful country estate, all exclusively yours. You might have guessed it by now but the views there are truly stunning. You can see for miles. The first wedding we photographed there showed us beautiful clouds above the stunning landscape.

And I could just imagine the thunderstorm looking just completely breathtaking! Their rustic barn has beautiful glass walls which makes the whole construction look light and airy. And it lets you admire the views when having the wedding breakfast at the same time. Bredenbury Court – one of the most modern wedding venues near me.


This historic country house is surrounded by lovely gardens and grounds. Broadfield is perfect for indoor and outdoor weddings. You can do so much outside – outdoor ceremony, wedding breakfast tables beautifully set up on the lawn. This stunning Herefordshire wedding venue is just perfect for relaxed festival weddings.

If you are a fan of all types of garden games including the Easter egg hunt and like anything quirky and unique this might just be the perfect choice for you. There is so much history within Broadfield’s walls and in the surrounding grounds. Do you know that Broadfield was even mentioned in the DOMESDAY BOOK? Broadfield – one of the most historic Herefordshire wedding venues near me.


This stunning Edwardian manor house is Herefordshire’s hidden gem. You can see it overlooking the far reaching views across the river Wye to the Black Mountains and beyond. We have a special spot reserved for Whitney Court in our hearts. This is just a pure coincidence but have you noticed that their logo is similar to ours?

If you love manor houses, stunning views and lots and lots of space, this might be your wedding venue! Whitney Court – one of Herefordshire’s hidden gems – Herefordshire wedding venues near me.


We LOVE this one and we would LOVE to photograph many more weddings there because Lyde Arundel is stunning and we are practically neighbours. A truly hidden gem – you have to search long to find it. But it’s so worth it. This place is truly magical and we are totally in love with their gardens, vineyards, buildings and views.

It reminds me a bit about SECRET ESCAPES because weddings there feel like that. Lyde Arundel – one of the most secret wedding Herefordshire venues near me.


This Grade II listed Georgian Manor house is perfect for intimate weddings and the family running this Herefordshire wedding venue is so lovely. You are in good hands! I can guarantee that! My favorite weddings there happen in the summer.

Just imagine – canapes under that stunning giant tree, kids playing on the lawn, your family and friends chatting. Feels awesome! Perfection! Glewstone Court – one of the most homely Herefordshire wedding venues near me.


Formerly a monastery, The Forge has been beautifully renovated blending traditional elegance with contemporary style. This venue is truly unique and unforgettable and if you like the look of monasteries, mixed with the modern urban look and quirkiness of some rooms there, this might be the venue for you.

There is no other venue like this one and we love it so much. The Forge Hereford, one of the most original Herefordshire wedding venues near me.

You can see it now. Whether you are planning a huge international wedding or a small intimate celebration, Herefordshire offers so many choices. And there are some new and exciting wedding venues entering the scene now. The Green Dragon Hotel is one of the examples. I am sure I will write about more stunning Herefordshire wedding venues near me soon. Please take a look at those quirky wedding venues in Hereford too.


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