How do I start my wedding planning?

How do I start my wedding planning?

“I’m starting to plan our wedding but where do I actually start? HELP!”

Hey, here’s a little brain teaser for you – picture yourself on your big day… your wedding day! Now, think about how you want to feel. Do you want to be all mushy and emotional or do you want to be partying like there’s no tomorrow? Or maybe a perfect mix of both? Well, guess what? We totally get it! We’ve been lucky enough to capture the magic of 400 weddings and let us tell you, it’s all about the feels, the emotions, and of course, the crazy fun! So, if you’re looking for wedding photography that will capture every tear, every laugh, and every wild dance move, we’ve got your back!

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How would you like to FEEL on your wedding day?

Wedding planning can be a total whirlwind. As wedding paparazzi, we’ve witnessed some seriously mind-blowing moments! Just the other day, we spilled the beans on this mind-boggling tented extravaganza featuring oysters galore and a gin-filled bathtub. And let’s not forget the bride’s jaw-dropping blue gown. Her dream for the day in her own words was: “Colourful. Fun. Vibrant. Over the top!”

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Wedding planning – useful tips

So, what’s your jam when it comes to the best time of the year? Are you all about that fancy-pants, black-tie kind of wedding venue? Or are you more like, “Let’s get down and dirty in a barn, y’all!”? And after you’ve locked down that perfect spot, what’s the next move? Oh, and by the way, any deets you should know before you sign your life away to a wedding photographer?

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Calling all lovebirds deep in the wedding planning trenches! If you’re on the hunt for more answers to satisfy your wedding curiosity, then this guide is just the ticket!

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  • How and when to have the most epic photos. What the heck is a golden hour anyway? And what’s the deal with the blue hour?
  • We’ve got some helpful tips for your wedding morning and ceremony.
  • There are things you can control to make your pictures pop, but we’ll also spill the beans on the stuff you can’t control. Just enjoy the day!
  • Let’s talk about the best confetti choices and why we’re obsessed with white and bright confetti.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget the dreaded group pictures. How can we capture those without dying of boredom?
  • And hey, shall we get fancy with sparklers, fireworks, smoke bombs, and other jaw-dropping surprises or not?
  • Your love stories are what make your wedding day totally one-of-a-kind.
  • And speaking of unique, how about a super creative film to capture all the magic?
  • And finally, let’s dive into the world of professional, top-quality wedding albums.

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