How do I start my wedding planning?


How do I start my wedding planning?

“I’m starting to plan our wedding but where do I actually start? HELP!”

Ask yourself this question – how would I want to feel on my wedding day? What’s important to me/us? Imagine your amazing wedding day. Are emotions and relationships important to you? Would you like to have the best day ever and dance the night away? We feel you! We’ve photographed over 300 weddings so far and what we love about them are: feelings, emotions and all the fun and craziness in between!

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How would you like to FEEL on your wedding day?

Wedding planning can be really overwhelming. As wedding photographers, we’ve seen some really incredible days! Only recently we have written about a stunning marquee wedding with oysters and a bath full of gin. The bride also wore a stunning blue dress. Her vision of the day was, in her own words: “Colourful. Fun. Vibrant. Over the top!”

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Wedding planning – useful tips

What is your favourite time of the year? Would you prefer a more formal or a more rustic wedding venue? What’s the next step after booking your venue? Is there something you should be aware of before booking your wedding photographer?

Scroll down to download your wedding planning guide!

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Not one but two guides


We have asked our couples (after shooting their weddings) whether there was something they wished they had known before searching for a photographer. They’ve shared some proper golden nuggets of wisdom with us and we’ve included them in this guide:

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We want to give you not one but two guides about your wedding planning. The first one is about where to start – you’re engaged and excited and overwhelmed at the same time, so this will be a good start for you. What are the first steps? Any useful tips? Sure thing! But that’s not everything!



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The second guide is for the couples who have already started their wedding planning and are searching for more answers, such as:

  • How and when to have the best photos. What is a golden hour, how about the blue hour?
  • Useful tips for your wedding morning, ceremony. There are some things you can control to get better pictures but we will also tell you about the things you can’t control – so just forget about them and enjoy the ride!
  • The best confetti choice and why do we like white or bright confetti.
  • The group pictures and how not to die of boredom?
  • Sparklers, fireworks, smoke bombs and other surprises.
  • Your stories are what makes your wedding day unique.
  • How about a creative film?
  • How do professional top quality wedding albums look like?


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Need more inspiration?

No problem, here are some more useful links, enjoy:

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We love photographing our couples’ wedding days, unforgettable moments and unique stories. Get in touch with us, let’s have a chat about your wedding plans. We would love to hear from you!

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