77 Clever ways to save Money on your wedding!

We all know, weddings can really break the bank, but fear not! We give you 77 sneaky ways to trim expenses in a typical wedding budget UK without anyone catching on.

We’ve photographed over 400 weddings now, so I think we’ve seen it all, including SOME PRETTY AWESOME WEDDING BUDGET SAVING tricks! And we’re going to share them with you now.

typical wedding budget uk


is a delicate balance of creating a Pinterest-worthy event and not bankrupting yourself in the process. So, how do you pull off a budget-friendly wedding without sacrificing your fabulousness?

First things first, have a heart-to-heart with your partner about what really matters on your big day. Is it great photographs, the mouthwatering meal, or the dreamy princess dress? Once you’ve made a list of your must-haves, it’s easier to see where you can splurge and where you can rein it in.

So let’s dig in, shall we?


Snip your guest list

We understand how tough it can be to imagine a celebration without certain friends and family members, but snipping your guest list is the simplest way to shrink your budget.

It’ll shrink everything, including your catering and invitation costs, your venue size and rentals. Plus, the more guests you have, the more frazzled you’ll feel and the less time you’ll have to kick back and enjoy the day. Just be careful, you don’t want to deal with upset relatives before your big day.


Recruit a tinier wedding party

While your wedding party covers a lot of their own expenses (travel, and whatnot), there are certain items the couple typically foots the bill for (bridesmaid bouquets, dresses, wedding party gifts, and so on).

If you can manage it without ruffling any feathers, the fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen you recruit, the less you’ll shell out.

With a smaller bridal party, you can also save on everything from gifts and outfits to makeup and transportation. Plus, with just one or two bridesmaids and groomsmen, you’ll have more room in your budget to really spoil them rotten.


Rethink the stay-at-home wedding

You may believe that throwing a backyard wedding is a fantastic wallet-friendly option (no rental cost!),especially if you own that amazing manor house in the Cotswolds, but it often ends up being even more expensive than a regular wedding venue.

You’ll need to bring in everything from marquees to power generators to portable potties, and even a mobile food prep station—all of this will rack up the bills in no time. Your safest choice is to reserve an all-in-one venue that provides a plethora of services on-site.


Choose an off-season date

Depending on where you plan to tie the knot, you could save a boatload of cash by doing so in your destination’s off-season, typically late winter and early spring.

We know the weather might not be as reliable as it is during prime wedding season, but let’s be real, in England, even summer dates can be hit or miss. It could totally be worth a wacky February event to snag your dream venue.


Have a weekday wedding to help that typical wedding budget UK

With savings of £1,500 or more to be had, it’s no wonder that only 50% of couples now get married on a Saturday, according to Bridebook Some 17% marry on a Friday and 8% of couples opt for Sunday.

You can often get 50% or more off the price of a venue if you are prepared to shimmy into a date it has been unable to fill or one that has opened up due to a cancellation (typical wedding budget UK).

Who knew tying the knot on a random Tuesday could be so trendy? Weekday weddings are all the rage now, and your pals will totally ditch work to party with you. So, forget about those boring old Saturday weddings and join the weekday wedding revolution!


Schedule your ceremony for fashionably late hours

It might seem like a no-brainer, but the later you schedule your wedding, the fewer snacks and sips you’ll need to dish out, the less entertainment you’ll have to rustle up, and any hired help like snappers who charge by the clock will naturally cost less.

Plus, don’t assume that a shorter shindig will be any less of a blast than a full-blown fiesta. In fact, it’s often the other way around, as guests won’t peter out and will be revved up from start to end.

Your greatest splurge is probably going to be the venue. It sets the vibe for your special day, so before you sign on the bottom line for a summer Saturday wedding, have a giggle about why you’re doing it. Is it just because that’s the traditional thing to do?

Unless it’s a really special date for you, then it could save you a ton of moolah if you consider less popular times of year or even a weekday wedding!


Keep all the shenanigans under one roof

Find a venue that can host both your ceremony and reception. That way, you can skip the hassle of shuttling your guests and bridal party around, and save some serious cash.

To really go all out on the savings, aim for a place where you can also crash the night before and get ready in the morning. Cha-ching!

By hosting both your ceremony and reception in the same spot, you’ll also save on vendor travel time and avoid the dreaded hourly pay frenzy.


Pick an out-of-this-world wedding venue

Sure, it’s tempting to go for a wedding venue that’s already a pro at hosting weddings and has all the bells and whistles, but if you’re aiming to be a money-saving maestro, it’s time to get a little wild with your venue choice.

How about renting a massive party mansion or sweet-talking a pal with a killer backyard into letting you set up a giant tent there? And don’t overlook the charm of village halls – some of them have had major upgrades or boast stunning historic buildings that could be the ultimate, budget-friendly spot for your big day.

Do some research and find the more unique wedding venues, like Shack Revolution in Hereford.
Or even better – here’s the list of our top 100 wedding venues in the area – surely you will find some great ones there!


Don’t just settle for the “chosen ones”!

So, you walk into a venue and they’re all like, “Here’s our A-list of suppliers, they’re the bomb!” But hey, you’re not under contract to use them. Do your homework, and if you can snag better deals with other suppliers at the same spot, then why not? Just make sure you dig their vibe and their work!

We’re like the cool kids at the local venues, totally recommended, and no, we didn’t slip them a bribe (promise!). It’s all about vibing with our couples, and they totally dig our style and, let’s be real, our charming personalities.


Consider cheap wedding packages

So, you know, like, a bunch of wedding places offer these cool packages, right? It’s like they throw in a glass of fancy juice for each guest, a fancy three-course meal, and even a DJ to get the party started.

These packages totally help you avoid all the wedding planning drama, save some cash, and might even end up being a better deal than trying to organize everything on your own. So, do the math and see if it’s worth it, you know?


To three-course sit down meal or not to three-course sit down meal, that is the question!

The fanciest way to feed your guests at a wedding is with a three-course meal served by waiting staff. But hey, why not mix it up and save some cash?

Buffets, food trucks, BBQs, hog roasts, and afternoon teas are all great alternatives that won’t break the bank. Forget the formal dinner or big buffet and go for cocktail-style reception with plenty of bites to go around – don’t leave your guests hungry, though!


Don’t over-do it with the late-night snacks!

Let’s talk about saving money on the evening grub. Food and drinks can really break the bank at weddings. I mean, who goes out and buys a fancy 3-course dinner for 100 people on the regular?

And then, you realize you have to feed them all over again in the evening! It’s a budget bummer.

But guess what? You don’t have to feed everyone the whole shebang at night. Aim for 80% max because some folks might bail early or just not be hungry.

And for some extra savings, think about serving up some grazing-style goodies like pizzas, cheese platters, nuts, and fruits. They’ll look awesome, keep people entertained, and make sure nobody goes hungry!


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Don’t go overboard with fancy dishes

Sure, lobster and filet mignon are scrumptious, but they’ll also make a dent in your wallet. Stick to a straightforward wedding menu with fresh, seasonal goodies. Your caterer will be your budget-friendly food guru.

Hold your horses on the menu choices! It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book – overwhelming! Stick to a duet plate with two proteins, or max out at two entreé options (considering the picky eaters).


Keep your bar in check

Booze can be a sly money guzzler, and a fancy bar can drain your wallet. Don’t go for a cash bar, but it’s totally fine to rein in your alcohol options. Instead of a full-blown bar with expensive liquors galore, stick to beer, wine, and one special cocktail, or mix it up with both.

Or cut down on the serving time. This means you can still treat your guests to an open bar, but without the hefty bill of an all-night affair.


Lean on Specialty Cocktails

Why bother with a full bar when you can dazzle your guests with a selection of quirky specialty cocktails, along with some beer and wine?

Whip up a few unique cocktails to go with the beer and wine, and your guests will be just as happy without the hassle of a full bar!”


Let’s make cocktail hour just an hour, folks!

The extended pre-reception drinks can lead to a higher consumption of beverages by your guests, and that certainly doesn’t bode well for your wallet.

Stick to a concise cocktail hour and watch those savings stack up on your bar tab. Cheers to that!


Only serve beer and wine

We’ve got a top-secret money-saving tip for you: throw a party with a free bar, but with a catch – only beer and wine are on the house!

So, when your pals start hankering for shots, fancy cocktails, or bubbly, they’ll have to fork out some cash. But hey, after the kindness of those free drinks, they won’t even bat an eye at the extra expenses!


Get your own booze!

Some places might let you snag your own alcohol for the shindig, which can equal major savings. Just be sure to have a licensed bartender on duty. When it comes to wedding expenses, you’ll want to allocate a hefty chunk of the budget for grub and drinks.

But fear not, there are ways to trim costs on your wedding feast without leaving guests famished and parched. A top money-saving tip for wedding libations is to book a no corkage venue. Like The Mill Barns! No corkage means you can bring your own alcohol without getting hit with extra charges. Bulk buying and scouting for deals will help you pocket some serious cash, and the pre-wedding booze tastings can be a blast as you choose the perfect tipples for your big day!

Let’s say the house champagne costs £50 from the wedding supplier, while bringing your own would incur a £15 corkage fee per bottle. By opting for the highly rated Comte de Senneval Brut, currently priced at £13.99 at Lidl, plus corkage, you’d save £29 a bottle, or a whopping £1,160 on 40 bottles (typical wedding budget UK). Cheers to that!

BYOB is such a great idea, keep reading to find out what it actually is!


The Champagne can take a hike

Your love won’t lose its cool factor if you give the cold shoulder to Dom Perignon. If you’re dead set on a toast, all that counts is the fizz and sippability of your chosen beverage.

Let folks raise a glass with whatever concoction they’ve got in hand, or go for a budget-friendly bubbly alternative like Prosecco, Cava, or other sparkling sips.


Tell your evening visitors to BYOB instead of a cash-filled card!

You could also invite your evening crew to ditch the cards and BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze) for a wild night of sharing, swapping, and sipping!

Trust me, I’ve witnessed it, captured it on camera – everybody loved it, pure hilarity! Just make sure to find a spot that’s cool with the boozy shenanigans!

Of course not all venues will allow that BUT if you’re having a marquee wedding – this might just be a hit!


Opt for a naturally gorgeous locale

Get hitched in a stunning spot straight out of a fairytale. Choose a lush park, a bloomin’ garden, or a fancy schmancy house of worship to save moolah on extra decorations.


Opt for foliage instead of flowers

Greenery rocks! It’s not just stunning, it’s totally trending. Deck out your tables and altar with garlands.

Our top tip for saving cash without sacrificing style? Ask your florist to go all out with foliage – it’s way cheaper than fresh flowers, but still totally fab.


Trade out fancy blossoms

Trade out those costly flower types for more budget-friendly options. Even small swaps make a difference: Swap those black magic roses for some more reasonably priced deeply colored dahlias in all your bouquets and table arrangements, and you’ll be rolling in the dough.

If you were thinking of having five roses per bouquet and £10 per centerpiece with a wedding party of five and a guest list of 150 people, congratulations, you’ve just saved £520. (Your florist is also a pro at finding other awesome ways to trade and cut costs!)


Get your hands on those local, in-season flowers

This way, you’ll be scoring the freshest blooms and saving some bucks on those stems. If that’s not an option, go for the widely available, year-round blossoms.

And trust me, steer clear of those imported tulips from Europe – they’re not exactly budget-friendly. Opting for local and in-season flowers not only cuts down on your florist bill but also gets you some eco-friendly points. It’s a win-win!

Beautiful blooms are my personal faves! Not sure if I’d be able to save any money here….


Stick to one (or two) stems

If your florist is only dealing with two types of stems, they can buy in bulk, saving you big bucks on that typical wedding budget uk. Consider sticking to flowers in a similar color scheme or shape for a more cohesive look. And hey, who doesn’t love a cohesive bouquet?


Give those wedding flowers a second chance

Your chosen blooms are not only stunning but also a serious investment, so finding multiple uses for them is a wise move.

You can totally repurpose your wedding flowers. For example, bridesmaids’ bouquets can double as fabulous table decorations at the reception.

Check with your florist or venue manager to see if they can help with the transformation, or recruit your wedding planner or a couple of your bridal squad to handle the flower switcheroo.


Embrace the Minimalist Bridesmaids’ Bouquets

Who says less is more? Well, in this case, it’s true! Just a couple of big, beautiful blooms and a touch of filler can give your bridesmaids’ bouquets that effortlessly chic, minimalist vibe.


Spice up your floral game with some fresh blooms from the flower market.

While the bridal bouquet deserves professional attention, the table centers and other ceremony and reception flowers can go a bit wild and crazy with some market finds if you’re looking to save some cash.


Grow your own flowers!

If you’re a flower fanatic, detest the thought of fake blooms, and have a smidgen of room to cultivate flowers – why not give it a whirl?

We’ve snapped some seriously stunning weddings where the bride cultivated her own flowers and it was bloomin’ marvelous! When I asked the bride what her spend was, she said: “£150 in total on seeds/compost/pots”.


Think outside the flower box

Why waste your dough on blooms if they’re not your jam? Mix it up with books, seashells, more candles, vintage pics, or other non-floral stuff to jazz up your shindig.

Creating a flower wall or photo booth backdrop with real flowers will cost you an arm and a leg. Instead, opt for fake blooms or renting a backdrop to keep your wallet (and that typical wedding budget UK) happy.

Your wedding cake is like the Beyoncé of desserts – expensive and fabulous. Sooo…


Order a small cake

Get yourself a tiny, adorable cake for that Instagram-worthy cake-cutting moment, and then add in some cupcakes, cookies, pies, or a sneaky bigger sheet cake (shh, it’s in the kitchen) so everyone can snag a slice.

The fancier your cake decorations, the bigger the dent in your wallet. Stick to simple, low-key details that won’t break the bank.


Serve cake for dessert

If you’re dead set on having a wedding cake, why not have it pull double duty as the dessert?

This way, everyone gets a taste without feeling like they need to unbutton their pants, and you save some dough for that honeymoon piña colada fund.

Traditional wedding cake is the financial equivalent of getting a surprise bill for a yacht rental. So unless you’ve got a buddy who’s a bargain baking wizard (or you’re secretly a cake boss in disguise), it might be time to explore some cheaper sweet options like cupcake towers, cake pops, a cookie skyscraper, brownie bonanza, doughnut extravaganza, croquembouche masterpiece, meringue kisses, or even a sweet pie!


Skip the fondant

Sure, fondant gives you that smooth finish, but buttercream frosting is yummier and won’t break the bank.


Pick fresh flowers (not sugar)

Sure, sugar flowers may be cute, but they come with a hefty price tag because they require your cake baker to put in some serious time and effort (it’s like creating a tiny, edible flower masterpiece!).

Opting for fresh flowers is your best budget-friendly option for a flower-topped treat.


Choose a supermarket cake

If you’re dead set on a classic wedding cake but your budget is tighter than your skinny jeans after Christmas dinner, fear not, my friend! Supermarket cakes (we’re talking Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, and M&S here) are the unsung heroes of wedding cakes.

They come pre-iced and can be jazzed up with some fresh flowers for a touch of pizzazz. A four-tiered iced cake will cost you around 200 quid, which is a steal if you ask me.

Alternatively, you can go the DIY route and get a plain cake to unleash your inner cake decorating maestro.

Or pretend-bake your cake! A brilliant move by some crafty couples involves pretending to have a huge wedding cake at their reception by fashioning cardboard into faux tiers.


Cheese cake? More like cheese wheel!

It’s the perfect size for snacking and can be sliced up for midnight munchies!

That luxurious morning pampering with your besties turned out to be one of the non-negotiables, according to our Instagram poll.


Have a makeup lesson – and then DIY on the day

I’ve witnessed it, snapped it, it was a smashing success! The bride and her squad of bridesmaids nailed their own makeup like total bosses!

It’s all about whether you want to pinch some pennies or splurge on a luxurious morning of pampering though. The choice is yours!


Cut hair and make up costs

So, you’re getting married and you’re on a budget tighter than your wedding dress? Fear not! Local hairdressing or beauty therapy training schools are like the fairy godmothers of frugal brides, offering special deals that’ll make you feel like a million bucks without spending it.

And hey, if all else fails, there’s always the DIY approach. And here are some pro tips on how do to that perfect wedding makeup, have a look!

We actually did a poll on instagram – 74 people voted and only 4 said they could save money on hair & make up, so it turns out having that pampering session on the morning of your wedding is one of the non-negotiables!


Embrace your inner DIY guru

Get crafty and make your own invites using rad online services like Wedding Chicks and Etsy. And if you want people to mark their calendars, a good ol’ email will do the trick.


Steer clear of those gigantic invites

It’s easy for couples to overlook the postage costs when planning their wedding invitations, and let me tell you, it can really break the bank!

Those fancy-shaped, weighty, or humongous invites will definitely burn a hole in your pocket, so stick to simple, lightweight invitations with minimal extras.


Don’t Bother with Save-the-Dates

By the time you send them, half of the guests you’re sending to already know your date so now you’ve wasted paper.

While wedding guests still love to receive paper wedding invitations, you could save a lot on your stationery bill (and on another 100 or so stamps), so just go for a virtual version and call it a day.

RSVP postcards are like the budget-friendly option, or you could go all futuristic and invite people to RSVP online on your wedding website, saving the world from the tyranny of RSVP cards. This could save you up to half on printing costs alone (and that typical wedding budget UK) and you can still have gorgeous invitations.


Print one order of service per couple

Don’t go overboard with the order of service. Your guests will be too busy gawking at your fabulous outfits and shedding tears of joy.

Save some cash and just hand out one per couple. After all, sharing is caring, right?

Go all futuristic and invite people to RSVP online!


Make sure each table gets just one menu

Menus, menus everywhere! Instead of one per person, let’s go wild and give each table their very own menu.

This move will save you a ton of money on stationery, and who doesn’t love a good menu-sharing experience?


Pick digital printing

Some printing methods, such as letterpress, engraving, and foil stamping, are fancy but oh-so-expensive.

Opt for digital printing instead for a wallet-friendly and a typical wedding budget UK friendly choice.


Save money on your dress

Modern brides can rock anything from a red mini-skirt to a silver trouser suit.

And even if you’re dreaming of a classic white gown and bridesmaid dresses, huh? Well, don’t limit yourself to specialist dress suppliers! Check out the evening dress sections of high street department stores.

Who needs to splurge thousands on a dress you’ll only wear once? Luckily, the UK’s high street is bursting with awesome brands, many of which offer wedding dress ranges. So, save your pennies and strut down that aisle in style!


Start shopping early

If you’re on the hunt for that perfect wedding dress, it’s like trying to find a unicorn at the last minute.

We highly suggest starting your quest at least eight months before your big day. Otherwise, you might end up paying more for that magical dress or even worse, end up with a pumpkin instead!


Keep an eye out for those sample sales

Before you embark on your shopping adventures, it’s essential to do some reconnaissance. Give a ring to those fancy dress shops nearby and inquire about any upcoming sample sales.

These occasions are prime opportunities to score some serious discounts. So, if you’ve set your heart on a designer wedding dress, fear not! You might just snag it within your budget at a sample sale.

Chat up your bridal boutique to get the scoop on upcoming sample sales and the participating designers. Who knows, you might just stumble upon an unbelievable steal.


Snag your dream dress second hand!

Check out wedding websites like Preloved for a treasure trove of stunning gowns at budget-friendly prices.

Brides typically only rock their dresses for a single day, so there’s a bustling market for pre-loved frocks in top-notch condition.

You’d be amazed at the jaw-dropping designer dresses worth a fortune being peddled online by blissful brides post-wedding – after all, who needs to hoard a gown when you can spread the love?

Your wedding-day look may be the most photographed attire you’ll ever wear, so it’s like being a celebrity for a day. You’ll definitely want to choose an ensemble that makes you feel like a million bucks, but without making your bank account cry.


PICK a simple wedding dress

The more bling, stitching or other fancy stuff a dress has, the more moolah it’ll cost you. Opt for a more basic style to keep some cash in your pocket, and if you’re craving some glitz, throw on accessories like a tiara, pin or bling-bling.


Make groomsmen wear their own suits

Instead of shelling out for rental suits, I have another idea – let’s have the groomsmen rock their own threads and jazz them up with a snazzy buttonhole or a funky tie to show they’re part of the wedding squad.

It’s a budget-friendly move and every usher and best man gets to strut their stuff in their own unique ensemble.


Rent formalwear from the same place

Tell all the groomsmen to rent their suits or tuxes from the same place – it might just score the groom a free tux!


Don’t break the bank, rent your tux

Guys wanting to keep their wallets happy for their big day should definitely consider renting a suit instead of splurging on a purchase.

With tons of awesome suit rental options out there, you can rock a stylish look for a fraction of the cost of a custom-made or store-bought suit.


Get your groomsmen pocket squares and ditch the buttonholes

You’re already shelling out for gifts for your groomsmen, so why not make those gifts work double duty and save some dough?

We’re all about the idea of hooking your groomsmen up with slick matching pocket squares and telling them to rock those instead of forking over cash for a bunch of buttonholes.


Shop around for your seamstress

Got a dress dilemma? Don’t settle for the first seamstress your bridal store throws at you!

You might end up paying an arm and a leg for alterations when there’s a fab local seamstress flying solo.

Do your research, and don’t let anyone force you into thinking there’s only one way to stitch it up!

Mix & Match bridesmaids dresses in similar or completely different colours look amazing!


Let your bridesmaids rock their own bridesmaid dresses

Who cares about everyone looking like clones? Let your bridesmaids wear their own dresses! They’ll thank you for it and you’ll save some cash. You can still make them stand out with matching bouquets.


Don’t bother with wedding favors

Have you ever been to a wedding and completely forgotten about taking home your wedding favor?

Let’s face it, unless the favor is something you can gobble up the moment you sit down at the table, chances are it’s going to be left behind.

And considering the average cost per guest for wedding favors is £1-3, that’s some serious dough you could be saving for more important things on your big day.


Or only one favor for each lovey-dovey duo

Wedding favors may not be essential, but I agree, they’re definitely a thoughtful touch and can be budget-friendly!

So pick a treat, whether it’s candles, DIY jam or honey jars, dreamcatchers, boxes of cookies, or a leafy green friend, that’s a one-per-couple kind of deal.


Think outside the box with your gift list

Asking your pals and fam for cash instead of a sweet wedding present can be a tad cringey but how about creating a crowdfunding page to kindly ask for contributions to cover those honeymoon bills?


Don’t lose your mind over the gifts or favors

Writing a card with a sweet message will mean so much more to those who have been a part of your big day than a fancy present.

Stick to cute and considerate gestures for your guests instead of going all out and extravagant. One of our brides wrote a card with a personalized message for every guest and that was truly special!


Keep a tight leash on the filming time

Snag your wedding paparazzi and videography crew for the main event and a limited number of hours at the after-party.

You’ve got options, but it all boils down to when you’re tying the knot. Opt for a weekday or winter wedding and you’ll increase your chances of snagging a shorter coverage and keeping those dollar bills in your pocket.

Your wedding photographer and videographer are like the superheroes of your big day, and totally worth every penny. However, if you’re looking to cut costs on capturing those precious moments, it’s all about being a savvy shopper before locking in your dream team.

Have you seen our short wedding films? No need to hire a separate videographer when you can have The Mays! We also offer shorter, flexible photography packages, you know? We can definitely help you with that typical wedding budget UK!


You really don’t need a long video

Forget about hiring a whole crew for your wedding video. Who needs a snooze fest of a traditional video that’s longer than a Lord of the Rings movie?

Short, fun videos are the way to go! You’ll actually want to watch those on repeat. Plus, they’ll save you some serious cash!


Pay attention to those packages!

So a bunch of photographers and videographers are totally cool with you jazzing up your packages, ditching stuff you don’t need (like, who needs extra filming time or parents’ albums anyway?) to keep things in check with your budget.

And don’t forget to ask about those sweet package deals. Some photographers throw in a combo platter of photography and videography (like we do!), or even dish out a discount when you book both services.

It’s like getting a two-for-one deal – double the fun, double the memories!


Hire a local photographer and videographer

Some photographers and videographers charge extra if they have to drag themselves to your event from far away.

Which makes sense, if driving to your wedding means spending 9 hours in the car that day – and what if there is an accident on a motorway and they’re stuck? For this reason they also have to book a hotel.

So it might be a good idea to stick to the ones who are conveniently located near your wedding spot. Plus, it’s a win for the environment too!


Do you have a BFF who doubles as a videographer extraordinaire?

If you’re itching to relive the ceremony, speeches, and first dance, just recruit a tech-savvy pal to whip out their phone and start filming.

It may not be Hollywood quality, but hey, it’ll still be a charming keepsake to rewatch on repeat.


Replace the photo booth with a polaroid station

Who doesn’t love a photo booth? They’re a blast, but boy, can they put a dent in your wallet.

Instead, grab a polaroid camera, set it up on a tripod, throw up a funky backdrop, and gather some props. Voila! You’ve got yourself a budget-friendly, yet totally fabulous alternative (just make sure the lighting is on point).

Or, if you know you just simply want that photo booth (they are such a great evening entertainment), go for the best ones out there, like Silver Trailer Photo Booth!


Are you brave enough to DYI your music?

Thinking about ditching the live band for a wedding DJ? Well, here’s a money-saving idea that’s as daring as wearing socks with sandals.

Take charge of the tunes yourself and watch your savings skyrocket like a squirrel on a trampoline! Whip up a killer dance floor playlist and charm your venue into letting you hook up your own music to their speakers.

Just make sure to appoint a backup DJ for the night in case your playlist hits a sour note or needs a quick musical makeover to kick the party into high gear.

Quick reminder for ya – join that weekday wedding revolution!


Make your band tinier

The tinier the band, the fewer folks and gear you’ll have to cough up cash for.

It’s not always doable, but shrinking your band from 12 pieces to eight or even six musicians and crooners is a simple way to cut costs on live tunes.


Maximize your entertainment experience

If you want to turn your night into an epic bash without breaking the bank on multiple entertainers, here’s a top-notch trick: just hire an awesome band (awesome band is always a great investment!).

Many bands include a DJ-style service in their contract, so you get live music AND awesome DJ vibes during their breaks.

It’s like getting a two-for-one deal that keeps the party going and guarantees your guests stay grooving on the dance floor all night long.


Get yourself a multitasking maestro!

Or even better… find a band or DJ who can rock both your ceremony and reception.

Picture this: if you’ve got a band lined up for the reception, see if you can snag one or two of them to serenade your ceremony too.


Why not try a limo alternative?

Forget the fancy stretch limo and go for a six-person town car instead.

Sure, the bells and whistles are fun, but let’s be real, your top priority is getting to and from your ceremony in one piece and on schedule.


Does your buddy roll in a sweet ride?

I’ve spotted it and can vouch that pals and fam are totally stoked to be your chauffeur for the day – just ask, and you’ll pocket some major cash!


Slice and Dice Transportation Expenses

Who would have thought that the transportation budget could be a sneaky little money muncher?

Shuffling guests back and forth between the ceremony and reception can really start to rack up those dollar signs.

If you can get your wedding day to work out so that your ceremony and reception are in the same spot, or at least close enough to stumble between, you could pocket some serious cash by axing the need for guest and wedding party transportation.

Or you can get 2 in 1 by hiring a wedding transport that is also a photo booth, like SILK & SATIN!

Get 2 in 1 by hiring a wedding transport that is also a photo booth! Such a brilliant idea!


Embrace Vintage Items

If you’re aiming to keep your wedding budget in check, get creative with your style and raid your own homes for some funky wedding day flair.

Don’t forget to hit up your family and friends for some quirky decor too. Think about borrowing some vintage gems from your fam to jazz up your big day!


Embrace the “something borrowed” part of the tradition

Hey, hey, hey, keep on borrowing, because it’s not just pocket-friendly, it’s planet-friendly too.

Your wedding day is just a blip in time, so why blow your budget on brand new stuff?

Raid your family’s treasure trove for jewelry, shoes, tablecloths, and decorations. You’ll be shocked at how much moolah you can stash away and help that typical wedding budget UK!

Rock your mom’s veil or your cousin’s bling. Remember, it’s all about finding your ‘something borrowed!


Turn to talented friends and family

Check out your guest list and uncover the hidden talents lurking within. Maybe there’s a friend who can play the kazoo or a cousin who can juggle flaming torches?

Utilize these talents to save money on your big day. Instead of gifts, ask your guests to contribute their skills. It’s a win-win – they get to show off their talents, and you get to save some dough.


Don’t forget to haggle!

At the end of the day, the amount of cash you splash on your big day will sort of hinge on how well you haggle.

When you’re snagging a wedding deal, give it a go and try to talk the price down by snooping around to see what other nearby love nests are charging, and what your chosen one charges for other shindigs.

And no matter what, make sure to get it scribbled down on paper!


Plan a destination wedding

Getting hitched overseas can actually save you some serious cash because, let’s face it, who wants to pay for a million guests? I mean, who even has that many friends? With an average of 10-15 people, you’ll be able to feed and water your crew without breaking the bank.

And hey, why not skip the peak season for some sweet deals and better weather? I mean, who wants to sweat it out in a wedding dress on a scorching day, am I right?


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