Unposed wedding photography by The Mays

Unposed wedding photography – our approach

About the photographers

We are The Mays, Marta and Artur, a photographic duo based in West Midlands, UK. We have photographed over 300 weddings so far and the great majority of them we have photographed together. Our style is natural, relaxed and creative, so our unposed wedding photography combines both reportage and artistic styles. But most importantly – we want our couples and their guests to feel relaxed on that special day and that’s why the number of posed wedding photos is minimal. Have a look at the compilation of our Brinsop Court weddings to find out what we mean:

What if you don’t want to pose for wedding photos?

If you were thinking of not having a photographer for your wedding to avoid awkward, cheesy photos, then you’ll love our informal, fun and documentary approach to weddings. Our couples and their guests feel natural and relaxed and this is the core of our approach to unposed wedding photography. How do we achieve it? The journey starts with the couple months before their wedding day.

colourful bride and groomunposed wedding photography

Unposed wedding photography – the steps we take

If you look at some of our group images and also at the pictures of our couples, you will notice that they are much more relaxed and natural than the majority of typical wedding pictures. This is because we have a few tricks that help everybody to relax. Here is how we do it.

married couple at Lemore Manor

Building a relationship with our couple

This is the key element. Wedding photography is the end result of our relationship with the couples. Chatting, meeting up, staying in touch and exchanging ideas with them really helps us to tell their story a lot better. Wedding photography is just telling a story about our couples, their families and friends.

unposed wedding photography

Being a part of the group at a wedding

We all know a story about this one awkward wedding photographer who made everyone feel uncomfortable, right? But if a photographer knows the couple, he or she is already like a friend and all the guests can just FEEL that. Being a part of the day is the second key element of success for us.

unposed group pictures

Having fun together, being creative

Weddings are happy occasions and (almost) everybody just wants to have fun. The element of fun is often used in our pictures. We will laugh and chat with your guests, and take pictures at the same time, we will dance with you and your guests in the evening and take pictures at the same time. We are more like friends who just happen to have the camera….

relaxed couple photoswedding fun

The unposed group pictures

Some of the pictures need to be formal and they are called the GROUP PICTURES. We are super organized and take them really quickly. Some of our group pictures are actually unposed and your guests will love them, we can promise you that!

unposed group picture

The unposed couple photos

The last thing we want to achieve is to make you look like robots or penguins on your wedding pictures. We will have fun and be creative together instead. Movement and laughter need to be a part of the photo-taking process. And we can actually practice that during the PRE-WEDDING SHOOT.

unposed wedding photographyunposed wedding photography

Unposed wedding photography – our wedding photography style

To sum up our approach to wedding photography, this is the percentage of our reportage and also directed pictures. And if you don’t want any posed images or only want just a few portraits and group pictures let us know.
90-95% Reportage
5-10% Portraits, including group pictures

confetti photo


Do you like our approach? Would you like to discuss it further? We are here for you, get in touch with us. We cannot wait to hear your story! Also, make sure you grab your own wedding planning guide – we’ve prepared something special for you, have a look!

unposed wedding photography