with copper and wilow-green tones

You have to take a look at this romantic Herefordshire countryside wedding. So inspirational! Lucy & Rob’s wedding day was truly unique! Lucy is a designer, so make sure you pay a special attention to the colour palette and to all decorations because this was all her idea! Stunning, perfect, delicate! And just look at this weather! We love rainy weddings, we really do but we were actually so happy that Lucy & Rob’s day was so sunny. You can see all the colours pop, you can almost feel this lovely summery breeze…

And now just enjoy the photos, go back to this fantastic summer wedding day in the middle of rural Herefordshire at Brockhampton Cricket Club. There are only a few selected photos from each part of the day but underneath them you will find a slideshow with more images and music.

And here’s the slideshow with music and many more images from Lucy & Rob’s romantic Herefordshire countryside wedding. In total the couple got over 1000 photos from their wedding day but we are limited by the technology. If we uploaded more images to this blog post it would load for ages, even after you had already left the page. We obviously don’t want that:

So you’ve probably figured out by now that we are totally in love with Lucy & Rob’s romantic Herefordshire countryside wedding. We adore summer marquee weddings in rural Herefordshire. Here are more examples. Have you seen Lucy & Mark’s wedding day? Holly & Jamie’s marquee wedding day was also amazing! There is so much to think about when planning your perfect summer wedding day in a marquee. Garden games are one of the great ideas. You can also be a lot more flexible and creative with food and drinks.

In general I think marquee weddings are a lot more relaxed! What do you think? We cannot wait to hear about your wedding plans!



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