Herefordshire is such an amazing place for weddings. There is so many various wedding venues here and every couple can find something to suit their own unique taste. From the more quirky and rustic barns, through the lovely country houses to the elegant Lemore Manor Weddings. Herefordshire can offer so much!

Are you planning your own Lemore Manor wedding? If you want to get the feel of how their weddings look like, here’s the slideshow. We’re totally in love with this beautiful spring wedding of Charlie & Nathan!

I thought it would be good to show you how your Lemore Manor wedding might look like. Lemore Manor offers so many great options and – I have to mention this straight away – their food is just out of this world! So tasty, so delicious and it also looks amazing! I’ve added some pictures in our blog post too, have a look.


Let’s start from the beginning. Imagine yourself in the morning… getting ready. The Hen House is the place where the magic happens. You have to use the hot tub! There is nothing better than a good laughter in the hot tube with your best friends before the celebrations begin. Hen House is such a relaxing place…


Almost all our Lemore Manor weddings have had some awesome father – daughter moments. And this is where they take place…


Lemore Manor is one of those fantastic venues that allow for both outdoor ceremonies and plan B – in case it’s cold or it rains – the coach house. And we really love the plan B :-) Doesn’t it look amazing? Bright, elegant, spacious, just perfect!


Who doesn’t like a good confetti shower? Well.. I know, not everybody does, but we think confetti is good fun and it also looks great. If you’re not a big fan of the traditional confetti, you can also go for the bubbles, like Rosy & Neil did.


Time to relax! The main, official part, is done and you can just grab those canapes and drinks and enjoy the beautiful views of Lemore Manor’s grounds. And… just look at this food! Honestly, Lemore Manor offers the best food, you just have to try it for yourself!


Here’s another thing I like about Lemore Manor weddings. You can enjoy the speeches both outside and inside depending on when and where you want them. If you want to create a more informal and relaxed feel of your wedding day, maybe scatter the speeches? Father’s and groom’s speech can take place just after the confetti moment and you can save the best man’s speech for just before the meal?


How do you feel about the group pictures? I’m sure you don’t really want too many of the formal ones. It’s still nice to have a few, your parents and grandparents will appreciate that. And, at some point, you will too. It’s amazing how photos bring back so many good memories, even the group pictures… after 10-20 years time!


And as soon as the speeches and the formal photos are done, how about enjoying some garden games? I’m sure your guests will love them. If it’s raining or if you are planning a winter wedding, you can do so many other things Lemore. Have you seen their games room downstairs?


Winter, spring, summer and autumn weddings at Lemore – they all look incredible! The first double image below was taken in February! If it’s dark or it rains, there is so many options inside – you will still get some awesome portraits! And if the weather is lovely – just look at those grounds… and at our awesome couples!


Lemore Manor’s Orangery is one of it’s kind – this is the heart of all those elegant Lemore Manor weddings. I’ve added some pictures of the decorations and of course more images of Lemore Manor’s delicious food!


Just dance! Forget about all your worries and be happy. Maybe get some tequilas and have fun with your best friends? Why not? After all, weddings are happy occasions. Remember – the dance floor is waiting for you! And we LOVE a busy dance floor! Enjoy the evening food – Lemore Manor offers some fantastic pizzas!


A lot! Creative night portraits, sparklers, smoke bombs (they always look better at night!)


Photo backdrops at Lemore are just endless – there is so many various options to choose from. And also, don’t forget about all those fleeting moments – with your kids, grandparents, best friends. We would LOVE to capture those moments for you.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post. Hopefully it has inspired you. If you like our photography style, please do get in touch and let’s chat. We have photographed many weddings at Lemore but each and every wedding was unique. We would LOVE to hear your story! Here are just two more examples: Alex & Joe’s Black Tie wedding and Heather & David’s Elegant wedding. Enjoy!

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