Lyde Arundel weddings are amazing. I remember dreaming about becoming the Lyde Arundel Wedding Photographer and finally in 2015 my dreams came true. This place is perfect and the family that owns this venue is just amazing. Every time I am about to photograph a wedding there, Lydia rings me and asks if I have everything I need. I am sure she rings every wedding supplier that is involved in that wedding too. This is what I call an excellent customer service. And this place is just beautiful!

Lyde Arundel is probably the best wedding venue in Herefordshire. All weddings, that we photographed there, were incredible. Amazing people, beautiful weather, stunning surroundings and original stories behind the couples and their families. Have a look at some of those weddings – to find out more and also to get the feel of Lyde Arundel.

The backdrops for photographs are just amazing – the lake, the vineyards, the beautiful gardens and buildings. And if you climb high enough, which is also possible, you will even see the Hay Bluff. The inside looks amazing too, so bright and clean, just perfect for weddings. If you decorate it well, you will create a dreamy, fairy tale atmosphere which will surely be appreciated by your wedding guests. At Lyde Arundel there is place for everything – big weddings, amazing parties, dancing and mingling. We love it there so much, so if you are thinking of getting married there, please do get in touch with us. We would love to be your photographers.

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If you’re looking for your Lyde Arundel wedding photographer, please get in touch with us. We would love to be involved.