Not so long ago we visited Lyde Arundel again to photograph the wedding of Helen and Dave. Now we are sure that there is something really magical about this venue. So magical that every Lyde Arundel wedding is beautiful and unique, there is no other option. How do they do it? It must be partly because of the surroundings, beautiful gardens and all the colorful flowers. The other reason must be the people – I have experienced that in the past and can confirm that similar souls attract similar souls. Lydia is amazing, she helps you feel at Lyde Arundel like at home. No wonder her clients are so lovely!

Helen and Dave are such a wonderful couple. Just look at them – they are so in love. Beautiful people and so perfect for each other and I love their story. Here’s the story: David and Helen had been a couple for many years and one day, David decided that he almost certainly wouldn’t be sycamore time spent with Helen – she was beautiful and poplar after all. So after coniferring with Helen’s dad Graham, he asked her a very important question….

“Willow yew marry me?” He said.

And Helen’s reply?

She said “Oak-ay” of course!

I love this story and yes, you are right – Dave is a tree surgeon. If you look at the table names, decorations, everything is just perfect and so original! We were there for a couple of hours only but enjoyed this wedding day so much. And do you know that it rained on their wedding day? Luckily not during the ceremony but I am sure – even if it rained then, they would be happy anyway. You can see it in their eyes.

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