BREDENBURY COURT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY inspiration – 3 amazing celebrations

Bredenbury Court wedding photographers

Bredenbury Court Barns is an exclusive use venue in Bredenbury, Herefordshire, equally far from Worcester and Hereford, smack in the middle of tons of beautiful English countryside with totally pristine views, and if you are looking for a relaxed, rural venue overlooking the countryside, this one might be perfect for you. Bredenbury Court wedding photography can be really beautiful too if you use the right locations at the right time.

Bredenbury Court wedding photography bride and groom standing in front of a tree in the golden hour

This wedding venue used to be an old private school, but now it’s been transformed into the perfect spot to tie the knot and throw an amazing wedding reception. The restored 1920s orangery is where the ceremonies happen, and it’s seriously the prettiest ceremony room in the Midlands, and super close to the Cotswolds. The orangery gets the most beautiful natural light, making it a dream for photos. After the “I dos,” you can party in Bredenbury’s oak framed barn, which is just stunning.

bride dancing and singing on the dance floow with her guests at Bredenbury Court

Bredenbury Court Barns venue has a number of rooms for staying over, and that’s where the bridal party kicks off the day. The guest rooms are like their own little houses, with bedrooms, bathrooms, and a cool open plan setup with a kitchen, dining area, and living room. When it comes to taking photos at Bredenbury, the open layout is awesome because there aren’t many walls and stuff in the way.

bride and groom enjoying the sparkler moment at Bredenbury Court

About the photographers

We are award winning photographers based in Hereford, UK. We will work with you to create beautiful, timeless images that will capture all of the emotions of your day. You can be sure that we will take care to capture every detail of your day, from the stunning countryside views to the individual personalities of your guests.

Getting ready

Capturing couples getting ready with their friends and family is so special at Bredenbury Court because they have two separate preparation areas, The Den and The Beauty Booth. You can also get ready at home if you prefer that option.

getting ready, car waiting in front of the bride's house
getting ready, bridesmaid having her makeup done in front of a beautiful wall with pictures

The Beauty Booth at Bredenbury Court is like a chill room next to the orangery where the bridal party can kick back on the morning of the wedding, getting all dolled up by their hair and makeup teams. I really like the images below because they are not just about the bride’s dress, but also show off the venue in the background. You can see the oak barn for the reception, and the orangery for the ceremony. There’s also a terrace by the orangery where guests can grab a drink and some snacks right after the ceremony.

bride having her haid done and dress hanging on the way, getting ready at Bredenbury Court Barns
mother of the bride dressing bride's son, the pageboy and the ring bearer and bride getting emotional

Apart from the Beauty Booth, there’s also the Stag’s Retreat for the groomsmen to get ready in. It’s a bit smaller than the bride’s room (but let’s face it, guys are usually less hyped about this part of the day) but still has enough space for the groom and his ushers, to get ready. Since the bride and groom’s rooms are pretty close to each other at Bredenbury Court, the bride has to be extra careful when she wants to explore the venue before the ceremony. Luckily the groom and the groomsmen are always busy trying to fix their cufflinks or working on their speeches!

The hallway outside the Orangery at Bredenbury Court is always the perfect spot for these pre-ceremony potrtaits, with the side-lighting and dark background giving the photos a really cool vibe.

The first look

I just adore capturing the dad’s reaction when he sees his daughter on her wedding day. I could have made a whole collection of just dads and their daughters! At Bredenbury Court Barns, I always set up a first-look so I can catch the dad’s priceless expression as he walks in and sees his daughter in her wedding dress.

dad hugging bride, his daughter just after the first look

After that first-look moment, it is all about the wedding! I stand right at the front of the orangery at Bredenbury Court and take pictures of the groom and his crew before the bride makes her entrance. My husband typically stands at the back and captures the bride and bridesmaids as they enter the room. He can also capture the groom’s reaction from that angle.

bride leaving her house with bridesmaids, on the way to the church ceremony

The ceremony

The ceremony at Bredenbury Court Barns can be held in either of the two reception areas, The Orangery (indoors) or the West Lawn Gazebo (outdoors). Both look amazing and  can easily accommodate up to 180 guests. 

Bredenbury Court barns the venue buildings
The Orangery at Bredenbury Court, decorated as a ceremony room

The West Lawn Gazebo will make it possible for you to say ‘I do’ whilst looking at the rolling Herefordshire countryside. Bredenbury Court wedding photography is stunning because of those views – especially at golden hour and as the sun sets.

Guests chatting by the band stand at Bredenbury Court, this is the spot where outdoor ceremonies take place

You can also choose to get married in a nearby church if you’re planning a more traditional ceremony and then arrive at Bredenbury Court in style…

Bredenbury Court wedding photography, bride and groom walking outside of the church after their ceremony
Bredenbury Court wedding photography, bride arriving at the venue in her car, venue in the background
Bredenbury Court wedding photography bridesmaids and dad arriving at the venue and parking cars

The Orangery is bathed in natural light from the huge windows and skylights, and can be decorated to make your celebrations unique and memorable. A couple of times when we shot weddings at Bredenbury Court Barns, the weather was pretty gloomy with solid cloud cover, but inside the venue it’s always cozy and well-lit.

I’m a wedding photographer, and let me tell you, the Orangery is perfect for ceremonies. The aisle at Bredenbury Court is long and wide, and the light is top-notch. I adore photos of the bride and her father walking down the aisle, images of the bridesmaids and friends doing readings. Just look at how happy our couples look!

This is why I love documentary photography – just being a fly-on-the-wall and watching as things unfold enables you to tell the story of what really happened.

The confetti moment

For the confetti photo, the bride and groom usually decide to do it inside the orangery at Bredenbury, and it always works out great.

colourful confetti moment at Bredenbury Court just after the ceremony in the orangery

For the indoor confetti shoot a lot of venues are either a bit dark or rely on artificial lighting, which means the photographer has to crank up the camera sensitivity and use a slow shutter speed. But at Bredenbury Court, this never is an issue and even with the gloomy weather outside, there is plenty of light to really capture the magic of the moment.

The reception drinks

The canapes and the drinks can be served in the orangery, in the bar area or on the lawn in front of the West Lawn Gazebo. The first 20 minutes after the ceremony is like prime time for snapping candid photos. We love capturing those natural moments of the bride and groom mingling with their guests.

reception drinks in the ceremony room, bride chatting with a wedding guest
wedding guests and bridesmaids enjoying reception drinks in the bar area at Bredenbury Court
reception drinks on the terrace at Bredenbudy Court, old school building in the background

Photography at Bredenbury Court Barns


It is always good to have the group pictures after the ceremony during the reception drinks. Weather dependent we can have them either outside on the lawn or inside in the Orangery – even just before the end of the ceremony:

a group picture of all wedding guests in the orangery just after the wedding ceremony

We don’t want the guests to freeze during the autumn or winter months, so we work super fast with the group photos, knowing it’s everyone’s least favorite part of any wedding. The best plan is always to gather everyone in the spot and breeze through the list as fast and efficiently as possible.

bride groom bridesmaids and groomsmen posing for the picture in front of the trees at Bredenbury Court
Bredenbury Court wedding photography, bride groom bridesmaids and groomsmen posing for the picture with cars in front of the old school building
Bredenbury Court wedding photography wedding party carrying smoke bombs and walking

The wedding breakfast and the speeches

The Oak Barn at Bredenbury Court is where you’ll have your feast, the beautifully restored oak-framed barn has floor to ceiling glass walls making the most of the views and light. The in-house caterers create a bespoke menu to suit your tastes. As the bride and groom chill with their guests, one of us photographs them, while the other sneaks into the oak barn to take pictures of the details. The place settings are always classy, and the cake is always top-notch.

bride and groom cutting the cake at Bredenbury Court

When the bride and groom come into the room, the wedding breakfast is served. I don’t usually take images of people eating – as I’m sure the bride and groom aren’t looking for pictures of people with food in their mouths! The best time for photos during the breakfast is the time between courses; after the plates from the previous course have been cleared but before the next course is served.

I love it when the bride and groom stroll around the room between courses and chat with their guests. It breaks up the long sitting time, and it gives us a great chance for more candid imagery.

Bredenbury Court wedding photography table decorations big center pieces, plates and candles


Here are just some examples of our wedding photography at Bredenbury Court. We love to use the gorgeous views as the backdrops and it is always good to use them during the golden hour. These are some of our top pictures from this time of day.

The party

The party will continue after breakfast after you’ve cut your wedding cake. Evening parties at Bredenbury Court are just incredible! There is plenty of space in the Oak Barn and we guarantee you will have the best time! The dance floor is one of our favourite times of the day and we always love documenting your guests just having a lot of fun.

Night portraits of the couple – some ideas for Bredenbury Court Barns

Getting hitched in late autumn or winter gives you the chance to control the lighting and vibe of the venue just the way you want. Waiting until 10pm in June for a candlelit dinner? No thanks. But in the later months, you can pull it off at 6pm.

We’re all about taking pictures at night, especially when it’s pouring. We can set up a remote flash a few feet behind the couple, pointed back at me, and position the bride and groom between two posts for a cool symmetrical shot.

bride and groom posing for the rainy backlit picture at night, rain visible

There’s something about capturing folks puffing on cigars at night too. The photographic setup is simple too – a flash behind the groom, aimed back at the camera. And it’s crucial that the flash stays hidden, so it doesn’t overpower everything else in the shot.

bride and groom kissing under the sparklers surrounded by guests

To wrap up the formal part of the evening, sparklers are the way to go. And since Bredenbury Court is out in the countryside, there’s no light pollution, which means a deep blue-black sky. Perfect for fireworks, sparklers, or even astrophotography!

bride and groom kissing under the starry sky, clear night sky at Bredenbury Court


We hope this has given you some ideas of how wedding photography at Bredenbury Court can be unique and beautiful. We would love to work with you to create some wonderful images that will last a lifetime. It’s really important that you feel able to relax and enjoy your day, so knowing everything is taken care of by us will put you at ease.

just married couple holding disco balls in front of a golden wall with a neon sign times like these at Bredenbury Court

We love capturing relaxed, unposed moments as you smile and laugh with your guests, enjoying every second of your big day. Bredenbury Court Barns is a family-run venue, so family are always at the heart of what they do.

Bredenbury Court wedding photography couple standing under a big tree in the golden hour