Beautiful Merriscourt wedding photography

Merriscourt wedding photography can be really beautiful. This incredible venue is surrounded by so many stunning views. You can see beautiful backdrops literally everywhere you go. As wedding photographers we are naturally drawn to the golden hour – and Merriscourt has some truly fantastic sunsets! Your wedding pictures will look and feel fantastic!

Merriscourt bride

About the photographers

We are a husband and wife team based in Hereford, West Midlands – not far from Merriscourt in Chipping Norton – one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the Cotswolds. Our wedding photography style is relaxed and fun, perfect for this wonderful location. We love capturing natural, candid moments that show off both your characters and your wedding day as it truly was.

just married at Merriscourt

A wedding day at Merriscourt

Let’s take a look how a typical wedding day there looks like. We hope our Merriscourt wedding photography will be a visual inspiration for you. Get in touch with us if you’re planning your wedding day there – we would be delighted to chat with you more!

Merriscourt wedding Cotswolds

Getting ready

You can spend your morning in their lovely rustic cottages – they FEEL amazing and you will definitely have the best and the most relaxing time there. Extra bonus points for the fact that you can literally WALK to your ceremony which removes the unnecessary stress of travel on the morning of your wedding.

getting ready
before the ceremony

The ceremony

We love to capture natural moments during wedding ceremonies – and this lovely bright barn is a photographer’s dream. There is plenty of space for you and your guests. Our goal is to stay as invisible as possible during the ceremony but there is so much space for us that we are able to capture both you AND the emotions shown by your loved ones. Your guests are such an important part of your wedding ceremony – it would be a shame not to capture them too.

Cotswold wedding at Merriscourt
mother of the groom
wedding ceremony

After the ceremony

The sun is shining and the party has just begun! Let’s take a stroll through the gardens and enjoy some delicious cocktails under the trees. Let’s start this part of the day with the confetti moment – it looks and feels great and the courtyard is the perfect spot to have the confetti moment.

confetti moment Merriscourt
wedding guests

The reception

We love receptions, they are some of the best parts of weddings! Reception venues can be really classical or really modern, but our goal is always to capture those natural moments, as if you were all just hanging out at a friend’s house. Merriscourt is just perfect for that.

wedding food

Group pictures

We absolutely love group pictures! They can be a lot of fun – trust us! Merriscourt is an amazing place for group photos, the light and the views are so beautiful there. We love to create a different atmosphere for each group picture and make sure everyone has their moment in the spotlight.

group pictures

Couple portraits – Merriscourt wedding photography

Our aim is to create beautiful, candid and relaxed portraits of you together. And we are just spoiled for choice as far as the beautiful backdrops at Merriscourt are concerned. Merriscourt wedding photography is just stunning!

golden hour at Merriscourt
Merriscourt bride
cotswolds weddings Merriscourt
cotswolds weddings Merriscourt
cotswolds weddings Merriscourt

Wedding breakfast and the speeches

The wedding breakfast is a great opportunity to chat with your guests more – and we will be there to capture those lovely and fun moments for you! We love capturing the speeches too because of all the emotions.

wedding speeches

The party

It’s time to party! The evening usually starts with the cake, followed by the first dance and then it’s just the crazy dance floor! We LOVE capturing that time of the day too! Tequila shots, dance offs, everybody just having fun – Merriscourt wedding photography can give you the best and craziest memories from that part of the day!

cake cutting Merriscourt
first dance Merriscourt
wedding dance floor Merriscourt
wedding dance floor Merriscourt

Get in touch

We hope this post has been helpful – get in touch with us if you have any more questions or just want to chat about your wedding day. We would LOVE to chat with you!