I’m on fire today! I have managed to publish our 2016 clients’ testimonials so writing about Marta May Photography testimonials 2017 suddenly seemed a lot easier too. We received them this January just after the Grand Final of The Wedding Industry Awards. I don’t think I have shouted about our REGIONAL HIGHLY COMMENDED 2018 ACCOLADE loud enough. So… here it is! We are super proud to be in the group of the best wedding photographers in the UK!

Marta May Photography testimonials 2017

We always work really hard to give the best wedding images to our clients. Creativity and photography experience is one (very important) thing but there is one more equally important factor – customer care. We LOVE our couples and we totally agree with what someone once said. We get the best clients, the most amazing couples and we always feel so privileged to be able to photograph the most amazing day in their lives. Our couples rock! Some of them quite literally and we are getting more and more addicted to our weddings. We love everything about them, the love, the energy, the happiness… We are so proud of the fact that our couples feel the difference. One of the most common things our awesome clients noticed is the fact that we GENUINELY CARE about EVERY SINGLE COUPLE. Every couple and every wedding is unique and we want to portray that in our wedding stories. We’re so glad our couples know we love them.

Again, if you got this far, we are super impressed you took the time to read these amazing Marta May Photography testimonials 2017. If you want to keep reading, Marta May Photography testimonials 2016 can help. We also have some comments from our awesome 2015 clients: Kind words part one as well as Kind words part two. All of those comments were gathered over three years during The Wedding Industry Awards competition 2016, 2017 and 2018.