Mickleton Hills Farm wedding photography

This wedding venue offers so much, tranquil area, stunning views – and all that can be yours for the entire day. Being there is just so relaxing, so if you just want your wedding day to be fun and relaxed… this is such a great choice. And as photographers we just have to say that Mickleton Hills Farm wedding photography is just beautiful!

Mickleton Hills Farm wedding photography

About the photographers

We are The Mays, multi-award winning wedding photographers based in Hereford, West Midlands.  Our mission is for you to feel your photos. To see the happiness, the interactions and the characters that all played a part in your wedding day. So if you’re not a big fan of poses and moments are important to you – we might be a good fit for you!

About the venue

Mickleton Hills Farm is a new wedding venue in Chipping Campden, Cotswolds and it is a very lovely one. There are just so many unique photo locations there and if you’re lucky enough to have that golden hour on your wedding day, your wedding pictures will be stunning! We know because we have photographed a fantastic wedding day there!

Mickleton Hills Farm wedding photography

Real wedding – Mickleton Hills wedding photography

We were lucky enough to photograph an amazing wedding at this venue. The couple was so lovely, their story was so unique and you could just literally FEEL their love. So how did their day look like, where did they get ready and then married? Where did they have their reception drinks and the party? And how about those couple pictures? We’ll show you.

wedding ceremony

Getting ready

This venue is so good when it comes to that part of the day because it is actually possible to get ready there. Not all wedding venues in the Cotswolds offer that and that just saves you that additional travel in the morning. And it is good for photographers too.

boys getting ready
bride before ceremony
bride before ceremony

The ceremony

We love Mickleton Hills Farm wedding photography because of all the space and brightness. Civil ceremonies can be held both outside and inside, there is just so much space. Of course we can photograph weddings in the darkest and smallest places, we can photograph portraits outside at midnight too – but this bright space here is just so lovely.

wedding ceremony

Confetti moment

Who doesn’t like a good confetti moment? It’s fun, it’s happy – it’s how your wedding day should feel. We love photographing confetti fun at weddings.

confetti moment
confetti moment

Group pictures

Again, so much choice and plenty of space to do that. How many group pictures would you like to have? We don’t have to do it for a prolonged period of time, don’t worry. We know both you and your guests just want to have fun and enjoy the day.

wedding reception Mickleton Hills Farm

Reception drinks

This is where the magic happens. This particular wedding was so special because it took place just when we were allowed to meet, hug and chat again. Friends you haven’t seen for a long time, your family – wedding photography is not only about those pretty pictures, it is mostly about those special moments and interactions between people.

wedding food

Wedding breakfast

Mickleton Hills Farm venue offers so much space –

Mickleton Hills Farm wedding venue
wedding reception

Couple pictures

As wedding photographers, we are honestly spoilt for choice here. Mickleton Hills Farm wedding photography is stunning, fun and simply fantastic. Just look at this light, there are so many various spots around the venue that we can use.

The party!

We would LOVE to photograph a proper evening party at Mickleton Hills Farm because the last time there were still some restrictions, so the dance floor couldn’t be used properly. But just look at this space – and imagine your evening fun there!

Are we your wedding photographers?

Like what you see? Do fun, creative and in-the-moment pictures touch your soul, make you giggle? This is basically what we do, so please do get in touch with us if you’re looking for your wedding photographers. We’d love to have a chat with you.

Mickleton Hills Farm wedding photography