Jen and Josh’s Coddington Vineyard wedding was one of the rainiest weddings we have ever photographed. I mean, the scenes were literally biblical. And maybe that’s why everybody had so much fun at that wedding. We even had the group pictures in the rain and that was really amazing!. Have a look, here’s the slideshow:

I know that probably every couple would prefer to have a sunny wedding day. On the other hand, I am not entirely sure because I know couples who have chosen winter weddings because they prefer cold and foggy days. So you never know… But for all those couples who are actually dreaming about sunny weddings my advice would be. We live in the UK, it does rain here, so why not assume you’re going to get a rainy day? Just prepare for this opportunity and think it IS going to rain. Why? Because when you wake up and see the sun – that will be like a present for you.

Having no special weather related expectations is really helpful. If you expect beautiful sunsets on your wedding photos and it rains, you will be disappointed. I know it would be awesome, but you can also have some amazing rainy wedding images. Besides the rain will be a part of your unique wedding story and the rain can be truly beautiful.

So, are you afraid of the rain? I really hope you are not. Are you planning your own Coddington Vineyard wedding? If the answer is yes, please get in touch with us. We would love to be your wedding photographers!