Rainy wedding days are quite probable…

Rainy wedding days are quite probable…

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Hello! We are Herefordshire based wedding photographers, a husband and wife team. We have photographed over 300 weddings so far (year 2020) so we can say that rainy wedding days are actually quite probable in the UK. Even if you are planning a summer wedding, there is still a chance it might rain. So how can you prepare for this option?

Rainy wedding days in England

We actually love rainy wedding days. You probably think we are crazy? But the fact is – we live in England so it is always good to think about the options in case it rains. Of course I understand everybody would love to have a beautiful sunny wedding day but I always say to our couples that it is always practical to assume it is going to rain. And if it doesn’t – the amazing weather is a bonus.

rainy wedding day photography

Wedding photography and rain

There are a couple of reasons why we find rainy wedding days so magical. Rain on your wedding day is thought to bring good luck but I won’t be talking about this. I want to talk about photography. Rainy photos look amazing, they are special and actually quite rare. To create great rainy photos we need two things. The rain and the right mindset.

rainy wedding day photography

Embrace the rain on your wedding day

Don’t be afraid of the rain, don’t worry about the dress – just accept everything you are given on your wedding day and enjoy every single moment. Even if it means dancing in the rain on your wedding day. Don’t plan and don’t even try to control your day. If you really care about your dress, use umbrellas and wellies! It will be worth it!

rainy wedding day photography

Magical rainy wedding days

There is one more thing I love about rainy wedding days… especially in the marquee weddings or at Lemore Manor’s orangery…. The beautiful sound of rain and the magical cosiness. Your guests will feel super snug under the roof of your venue. Remember… always look on the bright side! Rainy wedding days are not so bad after all. I want to share with you some pictures from this awesome rainy wedding (photos attached). This is what our Coddington Vineyard couple wrote after they saw the images:

The bride:

“These pics are absolutely amazing! Thank you SO much! You both have done a fantastic job. On the day I thought.. oh golly we’re not going to get any pictures but you guys have! Wow! My parents keep re-playing the slide show over and over! Ha ha. Fabulous!”

The groom:

“Just to say a massive thank you for the stunning photos you have done for us, we have both been totally blown away with how amazing they are, you are both extremely talented and have captured the day perfectly. We love the little slideshow and the attention to detail on the photos, it was so much fun working with you on the day and having the rain actually was a bonus because the shots are incredible. We are extremely grateful to you both and thank you for being there, these photos will stay with us forever.”

Rainy wedding days can be awesome!

HAVING THE RAIN WAS ACTUALLY A BONUS – please remember that and honestly don’t worry about the rainy wedding day! You can watch the whole wedding by following this link: Jen & Josh’s Coddington Vineyard Wedding, enjoy!

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