Wedding Photographer choice

Wedding photographer choice

We are a husband and wife team, a photographic duo. Our photography style is relaxed, fun and unobtrusive. Are we the right wedding photographer choice for you? Let’s find out.

We want to create the best wedding photography galleries for our couples. The majority of weddings we have photographed are relaxed events. Formal castle weddings are quite rare. When you think ‘wedding photography’ what kind of images do you see in your mind?

Traditional or relaxed wedding photography?

Some brides and grooms are traditional and they prefer posed images and photos of wedding details. Other couples prefer not to pose and they receive very few staged photos.

Details or reportage?

Some people want their photographers to capture every single detail instead of THE REAL STORY. Every couple has their own unique story that deserves to be captured and told in pictures.

Moments are very important to us in wedding photography. Naturally we also photograph details, but they are an addition to the story and the main point.

Are you more traditional?

Would you prefer more portraits and staged photos on your wedding day? Do you prefer traditional images and photos of details rather than action shots?

Are you more adventurous?

Do you prefer creative images and stories? Are you happy to experiment? Would you prefer to just enjoy your day and let someone document it for you?

Our photography style

We always try to create a great wedding reportage with an artistic touch. The main focus is on THE MOMENTS, then on LIGHT and COMPOSITION and then on CREATIVE SHOTS. Would that be your wedding photographer choice?

What would be your wedding photographer choice?

1) Poses, details, group shots, selfies and no reportage?

2) Or maybe just the wedding reportage only with no portraits at all?

3) Or perhaps a wedding reportage with the main focus on THE MOMENTS, light, composition and then some creative photos including the creative shots of you and of the details too? Group pictures are a part of this option too.

If your answer is 3) – you are our kind of couple and we cannot wait to meet you!

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