We are Marta & Artur, a wedding photography duo, a husband and wife team. Are we the right wedding photographer choice for you? Are you our ideal client? Let’s find out, shall we?

We want to create the best wedding photography galleries for our couples. But what is the best gallery? When you think ‘wedding photography’ what kind of images do you see in your mind? Some couples are traditional and they love lots of posy photos with a considerable amount of wedding details. Other couples feel sick the moment they start thinking about posing and they end up having no posed pictures for the wall art after their wedding day. Some couples want their photographers to photograph every single detail and not THE STORY. Every couple has their own unique story and it would be a shame if it wasn’t captured and hidden under hundreds of detail shots instead. For us moments are the most important in wedding photography. Of course we also photograph details, but they are an addition to the story, never the main point.

So if you are a more ‘can you take a picture of everything’ kind of guy or girl and if you are dreaming about thirty group pictures that take two hours to organize, we might not be the right photographers for you. But if your photographer delivers this type of gallery after your wedding, this will be your ideal wedding gallery, right? That’s why I am writing this blog post. Look at our portfolio and have a think if this is something you want?

We always try to create a great wedding reportage with an artistic touch. The main focus is on THE MOMENTS, then on LIGHT and COMPOSITION and then on CREATIVE SHOTS. So you can imagine our pain when we look at the lights, shadows and try to create something gorgeous and at this moment someone approaches us and asks: ‘can you take a picture of all the candelabras on all the tables please?’ Nobody has asked us that question yet and, to be honest, if a similar question appears, we will always try to make the best out of this situation. So when somebody requests a ‘lift the bride and pose’ photo – we will shoot through the whole situation. On the picture you will feel the moment and see the joy and laughter and not just ‘the one picture’ result.

Would that be your wedding photographer choice?

So, what would be your wedding photographer choice?

1) Poses, details, group shots, selfies and no story? Your photographer as a hired ‘button clicker’ for the day

2) Or maybe just the wedding reportage only?

3) Or perhaps a wedding reportage with the main focus on THE MOMENTS, light, composition and then some creative photos including the creative shots of you and of the details too (and 8-12 group pictures but please – not a heart shaped group photo which takes ages to do, doesn’t make any sense and your guests could just enjoy the drinks instead)?

If your answer is 3) – you are our kind of couple and we cannot wait to meet you!