The most romantic wedding venues in Herefordshire

The most romantic wedding venues Herefordshire

About the photographers

We are Hereford based wedding photographers and we have been to many romantic wedding venues here. They inspire our wedding photography because they create amazing backdrops for our wedding photos.

The update

This blog post was created at the beginning of our photography career. Here you can find a bigger and more up-to-date information. Many more romantic wedding venues have emerged in Herefordshire and we have photographed weddings there. HEREFORDSHIRE WEDDING VENUES

Brinsop Court weddings

Take a look at this slideshow featuring some of our recent BRINSOP COURT WEDDINGS

Dewsall Court weddings

You might also like the look of DEWSALL COURT WEDDINGS, have a look:

Romantic wedding venues

If you’re looking for some romantic wedding venues in Herefordshire, you MUST see these places. I love them all very much so I’ve listed them alphabetically. I will be describing them (plus some other fantastic venues) in more detail on my blog soon, so please come back to find out more.

This is one of our ongoing wedding photography projects. The more weddings we photograph, the more we find out and the more photos from those fantastic places you will see. And we really want to tell you more about those places, their history and beauty.

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Top 8 wedding venues (2015)

So, here’s my top seven most romantic wedding venues around Hereford:

Brinsop Court

On the photo above – more photos by us, featured weddings and all the loveliness can be found here: Brinsop Court Estate, Hereford – loved by Marta May Photography

Dewsall Court

We love this venue so much. It is romantic, beautiful and atmospheric, find out more here: Weddings at Dewsall Court – a beautiful Herefordshire Wedding Venue

Flanesford Priory

Located not far from the Goodrich Castle, find out more here: Flanesford Priory – a romantic wedding venue in Herefordshire

Hellens Manor

A lovely historical venue, we have written about it here: Hellens Manor – a beautiful wedding venue in Herefordshire

Homme House

More info about this great place can be found here: Homme House weddings are gorgeous!

Lemore Manor

A beautiful and luxury venue – more details can be found here: Lemore Manor – gorgeous Herefordshire weddings

Lyde Arundel

This is a truly stunning venue! Find out more by following this link: Lyde Arundel – a beautiful wedding venue in Hereford

Lyde Court

A lovely rustic barn on the outskirts of Hereford

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