I’ve always wanted my blog to be different – inspiring and interactive. I am really interested in knowing what you would like me to write about. That’s why I asked you this question on my Facebook and Amber has asked me to write about my route to professional wedding photography. What inspired me to follow this path and how I built up my reputation. Thank you so much Amber for your question – hope you will find some answers here and I really hope everybody will get to know me a bit better. And remember – if you have a question about photography – either strictly wedding and portrait related or not – you know where to find me.

In answer to your question Amber, I have always been creative. I used to paint and draw a lot. When I was in the primary school I used to create oil paintings. In every workbook that I had – if a teacher asked for a drawing – I used to just spend time drawing, coloring and adding shadows. A normal picture of a leaf in my biology workbook would turn into a 3D drawing. Everybody kept telling me – go to the art school but I wanted to discover and invent medicines. I studied Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and got a Master of Science Degree but something was still missing in my life. I’ve always loved languages so I decided to study Norwegian and Czech. While studying humanities (I also hold a BA in Slavonic language and culture) I discovered philosophy and that opened the whole new world to me. If I had time I would probably also study photography, Nordic culture and languages and many many more.

With a full time professional wedding photography business, two small kids at home I don’t have time for regular studies. That’s why I just learn in my own spare time or just ‘in the meantime’. If I want to learn a certain technique I just take my camera and practice. What inspired me to start a photography business? Well – I think every time I focused on something different, I was unhappy so I kept searching and then I found photography. How I built my reputation? I think I just can’t switch off, which is bad and good. I always think of improving things, making them better and I never stop. I know I will always be learning and discovering things.

If you love what you do – you will be happy. Just do what you really love and you will be successful. Good luck Amber – enjoy your studies! This will be one of the best times of your life and one of the best decisions ever made!

Professional wedding photography.

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