Today was the day of reflection for me. I was trying to define something that is called a ‘good wedding photography’. There is so many amazing wedding photographers out there and also many brides who want to have their memories captured perfectly… but… sometimes quantity is more important than quality. Some of the brides send long lists to their wedding photographers requesting specific images. This is really great but sometimes might leave very little space for creativity. Your photographer will be thinking of ticking all those images off the list and he/she might miss those most precious moments in between. Of course a good balance is always key, so it is still important to have a chat with your photographer and let him/her know what images are important to you.

I think the ability to capture those unique and natural moments ‘in between’ is one of the main ingredients of a good wedding photography. Different weddings have very similar schedules. Bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, formal pictures, drinks and canapes, speeches, the wedding breakfast followed by cake cutting and the first dance. There are some ‘obvious’ images that a photographer needs to take – like the picture of the dress or a confetti shot. You can help the photographer achieve better results by trusting him/her. Hopefully you won’t insist on many staged pictures and leave the photographer plenty of space for creativity. By ‘staged’ I mean asking the photographer to take a picture under the archway in the direct light only because it is nicely decorated with flowers. Trust me – you will not like the final effect – a picture where everybody is squinting and feeling unhappy. We have photographed so many weddings – we know what works and what doesn’t.

Weddings are about emotions, love, beautiful moments and relationships – please let your photographer capture that. The most precious moments happen when we least expect them.