Family lifestyle photography

Family Lifestyle Photography

About the photographers

We are Herefordshire based family portrait photographers. Our style is relaxed and natural which means our family photo shoots take place in the more natural environment. Instead of a perfectly posed studio portrait we deliver family lifestyle photography.

Reportage photographers – family lifestyle photography

Our job as reportage wedding photographers is to preserve beautiful memories. Lovely stories of two families becoming one, the new story of a completely brand new family – they don’t start and end at weddings. There is so much more to them and that is why we love what we do.

Family stories

Family lifestyle photography, just like wedding photography, can tell us beautiful stories. It is so important to preserve them and keep them printed or hang them on the walls. In addition to keeping your most precious memories on discs, memory sticks and computers print them off and proudly display on your walls.

Family portrait shoots

If you need some fresh pictures of your family – get in touch with us. We create beautiful family portraits. Our photography is natural, one of the things we LOVE about children is their honesty. They haven’t developed masks yet. If they are sad, they cry, if they are happy – they laugh and jump. They don’t waste time – why walk when you can run, they enjoy every day and they are happy so why stop that? Why would we make them stand and smile?

Children and photography

When we take group pictures at weddings, we say – please let children do their own thing. Kids will do it anyway and if the adults accept that, the images will be much more powerful. The long Easter break is almost here. Let’s use this free time to take pictures of your family. Family lifestyle photography can result in a beautiful framed print for your house.


If you are planning your own family shoot, get in touch with us, we would love to be your family photographers.

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