The best present for the Mother’s Day? A beautiful framed print of your loved ones. I know it will sound too obvious when I say that but just think about it. Would your mum prefer to get another scarf or a pair of trousers? I think she would be so much happier if you gave her a great photo. I think she would definitely prefer great memories – a picture that she can hang on the wall and then enjoy looking at it all the time. And that would probably be a picture of her children and maybe grandchildren too?

We are wedding photographers and our job is to preserve beautiful memories. Lovely stories of two families becoming one, stories of a brand new family, all the relations between the family members. There is so many amazing histories to be captured and then told. I really love when the bride and groom hang their childhood pictures as decorations for their wedding day. Sometimes you can compare pictures of the bride and groom from the time they were toddlers, teenagers and then from the time they met.

We would love to stay with those families, become their ‘friends’ and hopefully capture more amazing and great moments for them. Wedding day is one of the happiest days in someone’s life, the birth of a child is another happy moment. We have so many lovely clients and their families coming back to us. We love the anniversary and after wedding shoots. There is so many amazing weddings we cannot wait to photograph, only because we will get to meet those families again! This is so great to see how a little girl changes. Last time you saw her – she was only a toddler, now she’s wearing a beautiful flower girl’s dress… So yes, a beautiful framed photo is still one of the best possible presents for the Mother’s Day – is it not?

We have decided to do more family portraits. If you think you need some lovely family pictures or a beautiful framed print, please get in touch with us.

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