Herefordshire Family Lifestyle Photography

About the photographers

Our Herefordshire Family Lifestyle Photography is definitely not studio based. I know – photographic studios are amazing because you can control the light and – especially with the newborn photography – you can control the temperature too. However, our family lifestyle photography is all about capturing the real life and characters.

children lifestyle photography herefordshire

Capturing the real character

If your daughter has a favourite bike, dog or a favourite place in the garden, this type of photography is the best choice. That physically can’t be captured in the studio – no jumping, running, chasing the dog or riding a bike. Lifestyle pictures capture the real character of the child and of the whole family and the best thing about them is – you get to pick your favourite location!

children lifestyle photography herefordshire

Location of the family lifestyle shoot

Do you have a favourite spot by the seaside? Or maybe a favourite forest or a house that means something special to you? Childhood memories are so important – and if a real character of a child is captured on those photographs – that’s even better. As you know – children change so fast. Make sure you capture their beautiful faces and happy souls before they grow up.

children lifestyle photography herefordshire

More links

If you want to find out more about our Herefordshire family lifestyle photography, please follow this link: FAMILY LIFESTYLE PHOTOGRAPHY. You can also take a look at this one – TIME FOR THE SPRING PHOTO SESSIONS.

children lifestyle photography herefordshire

When to have the family lifestyle shoot?

The best time for the family and children mini sessions (in my opinion) is always during the school holidays. If you plan the photo shoot in July or August – that’s great. The photo shoot can be one of the exciting things to do during the long summer days. If you are planning to use those images as a Christmas present for your parents, having the shoot in the summer is a really great option. You won’t have to worry about that moody autumn weather any more.


Please get in touch with us if you are planning your family lifestyle photo shoot, we would love to be your family photographers.