Beautiful wedding cakes by Have Some Cake – today’s blog post will be about the amazing world of yummy wedding cakes. The moment I saw the cake made by Enrique, I knew his creations were very special. Then I found him on Instagram and saw many more amazing cakes and his photos too – always happy! I thought – he must really love his job. I asked him to tell me his story, and here it is:

“I grew up surrounded by sweet aromas and women capable of producing the most amazing desserts and inevitably some of all that stuck to a few of us in our family. I am passionate about Design [Architecture being my first career] in all forms and Wedding Cakes are perfect blank canvas for Design opportunities, for imagination to run free. They are very personal projects, a one off, that have to convey not only the design elements but also the personalities of the couple and my own personal view of all. It’s the attention to detail. I love seeing a whole Cake transforming into beautiful objects, the ones you do not want to cut. I like eating Cake and therefore I love baking it myself, testing new flavour combinations that will complement the look of the Cake on the outside. It is an artistic medium in which you can escape and can also put to practice all imaginable hobbies like crafts, modelling, painting! I love painting on cakes, it lends a special dimension to the Cake, to the meaning of it. I like to think that all Cakes have a story and all of them will become part of a story and also history in the way of memories as all of them will be capture on photographs that many around will keep and remember fondly. “

Wow! Would you like to have your wedding cake designed by an amazing architect? I would! If you want to get even more inspired, just take a look at the beautiful wedding cakes by Have Some Cake’s Instagram. He is brilliant!

Venue: Town Hall Symphony Hall – THSH Birmingham