Wedding make up mistakes you need to avoid – precious advice from Eleanor – Le Glow, Beautiful Brides. I’ve worked with Eleanor so many times and saw how amazing her work is. When one of my brides asked me a question about bridal make up I instantly thought of Le Glow. I asked Eleanor to give us some advice, and here we are – she’s just brilliant!:

Not adding Foundation. When taking photographs, light can bounce of your skin in peculiar ways. By evening out your skin with a good foundation, there is a much better light impact, giving a more even-toned appearance.
Putting foundation on bare skin. Never apply your foundation to bare skin – you must use a moisturiser and primer before you apply the foundation, otherwise it will not hold, and will suffocate your skin!
Not adding powder. Be sure to use a good quality translucent powder over your foundation to set your make up. This will help your make up last all day and into the evening, stopping the “shine”.
Forgetting eyebrow maintenance. Don’t leave it until the last minute go sort out your eyebrows. Have them done four days prior to the Big Day, especially if you are having them waxed. When nervous, your skin becomes ten times more sensitive.
Forgetting your eyeshadow base. Your eye make up will last longer and look better with a pre-applied eye shadow base.
Not using waterproof mascara. Don’t let a show of emotion make a mess of your mascara! Always go for waterproof mascara and eyeliner – a Wedding is precisely the occasion when the slightest thing can trigger a “waterfall”.
Using a wax eye pencil. These wax pencil liners can melt. Use a cake or gel eye liner that will stay put until you want to take it off.
Pencilled Brows. For a contemporary look, use an eyebrow pencil, or powder, and then set it. This will ensure that your brows look well defined yet natural, and will not melt or fade away.
Using long-lasting lipsticks. I don’t use long-lasting lipsticks on Brides, as they can cause drying or cracking. Outline your lips with the lip pencil and apply lipstick. Blot with a folded tissue, powder, and then re-apply. This will leave pigmentation on your lips – not on your groom!
Not using make up setting spray. Models in a bottle! It’s a make up artist’s best kept secret. Spray, set and go! Set in any weather, best for summertime’s hot, humid climate. No melting make up for the perfect Bride! Wedding make up mistakes.

To find out more and to find out if she is available on your wedding day, contact Eleanor D Griffin, Le Glow Beautiful Brides. Le Glow and Marta May Photography have done a couple of styled shoots together, and Marie Antoinette is the recent one, something different and unique.

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